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Executive Summary
Sweet Treats is a custom specialty bakery located in historical College Park, Georgia. We are dedicated to service our clientele with superior desserts, cakes and pastry products. The exceptional customer service and attention to detail, as well as the exquisite quality desserts, cakes, and pastries we offer are our tools to success. Sweet Treats is faithful to its vision of being a exquisite bakery with exceptional service and product at competitive prices. Historical College Park, Georgia is an optimal location for launching a new bakery. Sweet Treats also hopes to become a destination known statewide with future plans on expanding throughout Georgia. We plan to manipulate our location in the metropolitan area of Georgia to our utmost advantage.  Both our talent to custom design and high traffic due to our location give us an edge as a new business.  As the orders and referrals from business partners come in, over the next few months Sweet Treats will receive an added boost of increased traffic.  Therefore, we are aggressively planning for a 50% increase in sales the second year of business. By creating a new niche in the wedding and party industry, Sweet Treats will increase sales by more than $200,000 over the next year while maintaining a gross margin of 80%. Through a philosophy of "the finest quality, and detail oriented" regarding both product and service, Sweet Treats will establish itself as an exceptional bakery in the Southeast.  We also will gain a competitive advantage in our delivered and catered service. This plan outlines our company concept, philosophy and forecasted financials. 

1. Attain sales of $200,000 in the first year.
2. Increase second year sales by 50% and third year by 30%. 3. Expand to one new store per year.
Sweet Treats is an exquisite bakery dedicated to providing high-quality desserts, cakes and pastries with outstanding attention to detail in a comfortable atmosphere for clients who seek an extraordinary service and personal touch to their baked goods.  We intend to make enough profit to generate a fair return for our partners and to finance continued growth and development in quality products. We also maintain a friendly, fair, and creative work environment, which respects diversity, new ideas, and hard work. Keys to Success

* Dedication to the finest quality ingredients
* Outstanding attention to detail
* Exceptional quality service

Company Summary
Sweet Treats is a bakery concept based in the historical College Park, Georgia.  It emphasizes exquisite desserts, cakes, and pastries.  We can custom design any cake or pastry you desire, with all edible parts, which is our unique selling point of our business. Company Ownership

Sweet Treats is a Limited Liability Corporation equally owned and managed by five partners. Shakira Ashford is the company’s Sales Director. Tonya Gotell is the expert Gourmet Chef. Jocelyn Lora is the company’s Chief Financial Officer. Kristel Matthews is the Head of Administration and Management for the company. Justin Ott is in charge of all Sweet Treats Marketing. Start-up Summary

Our start-up investment is $100,000 which is mostly for kitchen equipment, delivery vehicle, store furnishings, starting inventory expenses associated with opening our first store, and construction. The start-up investment has been provided equally by the partners. Products and Services

Sweet Treats sells exquisite custom desserts, cakes, and pastries coupled with exceptional customer service.  Customers can choose any custom design cake, pastry or their favorite dessert. Sweet Treats caters to all of its customers by providing each customer pastries and cake products made to suit the customer down to the smallest detail, with exceptional customer service. We also deliver and offer catering service at your home or to the location of your special event of celebration.  The bakery provides freshly prepared...
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