Business Plan of Pak na Pak Bakery

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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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The proposed business, Pak na Pak is in its starting up stage. Pak na Pak will be a specialty bakery, focused on providing nutritious, delicious and affordable pandesals and breads. It is expected that the majority of revenue in the first year will be derived from in-store retail purchases. Pak na Pak competes in a sub market of the baked goods, desserts and health food industries. Competition will range from large bakeries, such as Cuevas and Mang Tinapay, to smaller independent bakeries in the community. Pak na Pak will be able to set itself apart by offering superior ingredients, hard-to-find specialty items and exceptional flavour. Since Pak na Pak will be able to differentiate itself from its supermarket competitors, it will not be forced to rely on low cost pricing. This will enable the bakery to maintain a decent profit margin in a growing industry despite the competition. Overall, Pak na Pak shows good potential as a local business, given that its weaknesses are addressed in a way that minimizes their negative impact on the bakery’s bottom line. Compromises on the bakery location which allow for lower overhead, but also maintain visibility and foot traffic, could be the difference between success and failure for this business.

Inspired by the original recipe of the proprietor’s father, the proprietor thinks an innovative idea of our daily favourite bread in the morning—pandesal. Pak na Pak pandesal provides flavoured, stuffed and filled pandesals that may tickle the consumer’s taste buds but didn’t losing their budget. Pak na Pak ensures that every bread we sell is freshly baked from oven. And we believe that quality and affordability of the products must be enjoyed by everyone.

Pak na Pak pandesal envisions to be a competitive bakeshop providing quality and affordable products. It also envisions making good relations between the employer-employee and specially customer-staff/crew. It also envisions expanding its business within the country, keeping its feet on the ground by helping those in need.

Pandesal won’t be plain anymore. We will offer pandesals into different varieties. Our pandesals are categorized in three groups: flavoured; sweet fillings and; savoury stuffs. These are our following products that may start your day livelier and fully satisfied your taste buds: Pandesals:

* Flavours
* Malunggay
* Carrots
* Squash
* Chocolate
* Sweet Fillings
* Peanut butter
* Coco jam
* Strawberry jam
* Condensada

* Savoury stuffs
* Tuna salad
* Cheesy cheese
* Hotdog classic
* Chicken a la king
* Beefy burger
* Corned beef

Other products:
* Special ensaymada
* Monay
* Baguette
Our pandesals will make a new sound to the customers. When they hear “stuffed pandesals” or “filled pandesals”, they come to think that “oh! It’s different and new, I want to try that.” It won’t be a hassle anymore for the customer to spread and stuff their favourite fillings to their pandesals. With our pandesals, all you need to do is just bite it and enjoy. Our pandesals are not only tasty and delicious but also filled and enriched of nutrients and vitamins in every bite. To ensure the satisfaction of our customers with our products, we encourage them to make a suggestion regarding to what we are needed to improve. Customer

We targeted the students, commuters, and workers as our target market. These three groups were usually forgetting to get a breakfast in the morning to get early to schools or workplaces. But with this hand-packed pandesals, breakfast won’t be skipped anymore with this tasty meal while waiting for a ride in the bus, or while riding on a bus or any transportation instrument.

We also targeted the little kids. Our sweet-filled pandesals will perfectly fit them, since kids really like sweet...
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