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Sparkle and Gleam Car Wash
Business Plan

Business Plan Prepared By Heidi Putzen President

12345 W. 98 St. Copperville, StateA 00000 000-555-0000

Date Prepared June 200B


EXECUTIVE SUMMARY MANAGEMENT AND ORGANIZATION Management team Compensation and ownership Contracts and franchise agreements Board of directors/advisory council Infrastructure Insurance Employee stock option plan and other incentives Organization charts PRODUCT AND SERVICE PLAN Purpose of the product or service Unique features Stage of development Future research and development Trademarks, patents, copyrights, licenses, royalties Government approvals Product and service limitations Product liability Related services and spin-offs Production Facilities Environmental factors MARKETING PLAN Industry profile Current size Growth potential Geographic location Industry trends Seasonality factors Profit characteristics Distribution channels Basis of competition Competition profile Customer profile Target market profile Pricing profile Gross margin on products Break-even analysis Market penetration Distribution channels Sales representatives Direct sales force Direct mail/telemarketing Advertising and promotion Packaging and labeling Service and warranties Trade shows Future markets

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OPERATING AND CONTROL SYSTEMS Administrative policies, procedures, and controls Receiving orders Billing the customers Paying the suppliers Collecting the accounts receivable Reporting to management Staff development Inventory control Handling warranties and returns Monitoring the company budgets Security systems Documents and paper flow Planning chart Product development Manufacturing Financial requirements Marketing flow chart Market penetration Management and infrastructure Risk analysis Salvaging assets GROWTH PLAN New offerings to market Capital requirements Personnel requirements Exit strategy FINANCIAL PLAN Sales Projections Income Projections Cash Requirements Sources of Financing Projected Financial Statements Start-Up Funding & Expenditures Projected Cash Flow Statements Projected Year-End Income Statements Projected Year-End Balance Sheet Ratio Analysis SUPPORTING DOCUMENTS Sales Projections Operating Expenses Projections Depreciation Schedules Capital Budget Projection Equity & Debt Worksheet Amortization Table

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Venture Description
Sparkle and Gleam Car Wash Inc. (S&G) is a StateA, Subchapter S Corporation formed in April 200B. S&G is to be a four-in-one car wash with four self-service bays and one automatic drive-thru. The facility will be a well-lit, nicely landscaped, modern structure that delivers high quality service at competitive prices with remote (video) security monitoring in the service area. S&G is designed to appeal to both men and women, hepling them feel welcome and safe while they wash their cars, motorcycles, boats, and other vehicles. S&G is unique in that it is a community-minded business with a civic-minded approach, which involves its owner in being a visible, active member of the local community. The lot on which S&G is to be built was the site of the old Copperville Community Civic Center that the town has outgrown and replaced with new facilities at another location. The site is familiar to the town’s people as the site of many civic events. Where possible S&G will allow civic events to be hosted. Community service activities will include: ❖ Hosting regular meetings of local car and motorcycle clubs. ❖ Assisting with charity fund raising car washes. ❖ Supporting neighborhood beautification. By supporting the community with these activities, an identity will be established which will support the marketing efforts of the business.

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