Cold Stone Creamery Start Up Businessplan

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Start-up Business Plan

Sergey Rubtsov ID: 3193 Raul Leon ID: 4814 Nazira Rysbekova ID: 4319 Svetlana Puchina ID: 3608


December, 2010

Description of Business: Cold Stone Creamery® will be the first creamery in Bishkek, Kyrgyzstan to offer from unique ice cream creations, to smoothies, cakes and shakes. Cold Stone Creamery® Bishkek starts with using the highest quality ingredients and ends with Cold Stone signature process for preparing custom creation on a frozen granite stone. Cold Stone Creamery® offers super-premium ice cream and sorbet, fresh made in every store, every day, and served up with your choice of mix-ins. Our costumers can customize their icecream treat in many different ways, over 11.5 million to be exact.

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Executive summary Company summary Products Market analysis SWOT analysis Sales Strategy Exit Strategy Personnel Plan Financial Plan Conclusion

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1. Executive Summary Cold Stone Creamery® Bishkek will be the only place to find high quality ice-cream in a friendly, merry and comfortable environment. It would be the place for people, both young adults and adults, looking forward to have jolly leisure time enjoying the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience®. Our clients in Bishkek will be offered a wide array of options, new and unique choice of super-premium ice cream and sorbet, fresh made in every store, every day, and served up with their choice of mix-ins. Cold Stone Creamery® Bishkek will have a strategic location in the “ЦУМ” Shopping Center. In this location, Cold Stone Creamery® Bishkek will be accessible to our target market and in a city area that is well known to attract upper and middle class customers of Bishkek.

Cold Stone Creamery® Bishkek will be an attractive business due to its expertise in innovation. Quite simply, making the best ice cream for the world to enjoy is the company passion. Delivering happiness to our customers in Bishkek will be our expertise.

1.1 Objectives

To offer a creative way to enjoy premium ice-cream and other creamery products;

To create the first comfortable and pleasant place where our customers can enjoy the widest range of customized ice-cream in the whole Kyrgyzstan;

To obtain market knowledge to make future decisions on expanding in the Central Asian Region;

To reach sales volume of $83 538 in the first year of operations, $100 246 in the second year, and ultimately $116 953 in the third year;

To return the initial investment by the 4th year of operation in the market.

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1.1 Mission1 “We Will Make People Happy”. At Cold Stone Creamery® Bishkek, we will consider ourselves fortunate to be in the „people business‟. Who wouldn‟t get a thrill out of serving up a Founder‟s Favorite or a Cold Stone Creation™ dreamed up by the wild imagination of an excited 5-year old peering at us through the glass? The fact is that smiling will be contagious around our creamery in Bishkek. We are really in the „smiles‟ business. You see, our concept of “what we do for a living” goes far beyond selling ice cream.

1.2 Keys to Success The keys to our success will be:

Cold Stone Creamery® Bishkek will be a comfortable and pleasant place that offers high quality customized ice-cream;

Our friendly personnel striving to make our costumers really happy offering the Ultimate Ice Cream Experience®;

Offer super-premium ice cream and sorbet, fresh made in every store, every day, and served up with your choice of mix-ins.

2. Company Summary1 Cold Stone Creamery® is an American-based ice cream parlor chain. The company, based in Scottsdale, Arizona, is owned and operated by...
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