Business Plan

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1. Executive summary
Company Y is a technology-based business. Its target market is global and does not have a bias in age. Anyone with a keen interest in studies can register for the company's services. It will also act as an integral service to students in learning institutions [6]. Its certificates will be issued by popular learning institutions in countries and/or the examination boards present in those countries. This will offer a competitive edge against competitors who do not have certification that can be approved in resumes. The financial requirements of the business are mainly for the staff and patent rights of the company. The company's web page has already been put up, but requires a team of qualified staff to market, design and contribute their learning programs within it. The business currently has thirty thousand subscribed learners from this state only. We are looking to take the product worldwide, hence the need for shareholders to help in the expansion. Following is a broad description of all the details that pertain to the company. 2. General Company Description Company Y is a service industry. The main aim of the company is to educate people without through mobile communication gadgets [1]. The industry is flooded with mobile phones, tablets, mp3 players and handheld computers. This devices are available to a large group of people worldwide. The devices are not gender or age-biased. For this reason, the target market for m-learning is broad and accessible. M-learning has a variety of uses to its customers. It can be applied in class by teachers who want to make their lessons interesting. In doing so, they enhance the memory of students who easily identify with their personal gadgets. The mobility of the service makes it easy for people to use it at all times. This makes the learning process a continuous process. People with special needs and who need extra reading hours to catch up with other students are provided for in this program. The service will also have simplified lesson plans. M-learning is not limited to students only. It is accessible to all people who want to learn an art or skill online. The initial profits of the business will be gained through the selling of the exam software online. This, however, will be a small free that is pocket friendly to all. The fee can be as little as five dollars per complete unit. With a client base of more than one million people, the gross profit will be approximately thirty million dollars. The main profit base will be on advertisements that will be running in the program. This advertisements will give a more frequent profit base. 3. The opportunity, Industry and Market Through my survey of the market, I realized that most people have the need and ability to learn online but are discouraged by the charges that are charged. This is not because they cannot afford the prices, but because online banking is not a system that is known to all. This gave rise to the idea of free online learning with profits being gained from corporations rather than individuals. I discovered this gap in a forum with my fellow students during exam time. Some older adults also showed interest in learning a few skills but did not like the idea of being confined within a classroom. They had busy schedules and preferred a more accessible learning facility. The industry has its share of challenges. One of the main challenges is consumer acceptance. Most customers do not find mobile learning certifiable. They view knowledge on the internet as a complimentary to educational institutions. This discourages customers with professional interest from applying to the service. The validity of the certificates issued has always been in question. To overcome this barrier, the company will form alliances with popular schools to give out the examinations as well as certificates on behalf of the company. These...
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