Mission & Vision Statement

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Web Site Company
Business Plan
Subject: Management Principles.
Submitted to: Madam, Rabail Abbasi.
Submitted by: psabro.
Date: 10/18/2012

Business Name: www.learningmadeeasy.com
I don’t own above domain name it’s merely a suggestion.

Mission Statement
Education should be free, just like knowledge or experiences which we share with each other, which makes our lives pleasant. “Our mission is to provide Quality Education, free and which is easily accessible, and our customer can study whenever they want.”

Strategic Goals
# To be number one online educational tutorial provider Website Company. # To make affiliations with at least 100 universities and teachers worldwide. # Make good relationships with lecturers or teacher by making agreed payment on their contributions to a particular subject. # Maximize profit by adding appropriate commercial advertisements on the website pages.

Tactical Goals
1. Finance Department
# Arrange funds in order to keep company running, till company start earning from online ads. # Always keep a close eye on the factor that, is the company dilutive. (Can it pay all debts by all its assets). # Maintain good relation with money lenders. (by making payment when they become due).

2. Site Developer department or Production department.
# Site should be user friendly.
# it should be stand alone, not operating system dependant (which should work in every operating system). # Hosting sever should have 24/7/365 uptime.

3. Marketing department.
# Site should be marketed on the internet and also off internet. # Identify needs of students what they want and in which format. # Marketing analysis is key point.

Operational Goals
1. Finance Department
# Arranging funds within first one month, from potential investors, and also many NGOs and Government can also provide funds. # investment primarily should be used on developing, and to maintain website because employees (programmers, computer experts) can...
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