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  • Published : December 20, 2012
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M. Frans DJIKSTRA Business Manager at OLVEA Fish and Oil.

M. Frans DJIKSTRA works as Business Manager at OLVEA Fish and Oil. OLVEA Fish and Oil is a family company belonging to the SIRH Group that has been founded many years ago by Marc Daudruy. The headquarter and the factory are both located in Saint-Léonard close to Fécamp(76). The company manufactures many different kind of oils, gather in two mains categories: Fish oils and Vegetable oils. Fish oils are used for animal feed, oil concentration (hyper concentrated oil), and mainly in food and pharmaceutical industry. Vegetable oils are used in cosmetic industry to make different skincare creams.

M. Frans DJIKSTRA is Dutchman, he studied in a Business School specialized in textile in Netherland, because his father owned 25 clothes shops in Netherland. After graduate he began to work in his father’s company during two years, he was in charge of marketing, purchase and sale department. But he was not interested in textile at all. Then SMIT (founded in 1882), located in Weesp in Netherland, a trading company fish and vegetable oils hired him, and he worked there during 28years old. In September 2011, because he did not like SMIT management system anymore and knew OLVEA’s Director, he decided to move and OLVEA hired him as Business Manager. Indeed, OLVEA and SMIT are both a kind of competitors that bring them to meet sometime. But OLVEA has no competition in France, the main competitors are located in Norway because of the Norwegian Sea and the North Sea very rich in fishes resources, but also the Peru.

As we saw above, OLVEA is shared in two departments: Fish oils and Vegetable oils. His job as Business Manager consists in developing new business with Fish Oils all around the world. He has to find new customers everyday in exhibitions, conferences, meeting-points for example in Istanbul, Lima, Hong-Kong, Beijing… 40% of his time he is travelling, about 70% in Europe (if we include Turkey) and the other...
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