Business Management Test Review

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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- motivate and coordinate others to cope with diverse and far-reaching challenges - setup the systems and conditions that help other people perform well. -work more with less, to engage whole employees to see changes rather than stability as natural, inspire vision and cultural values that allow people to create a truly collaborative and productive workplace. *Innovations - keep the companies growing, changing and thriving *Fundamental Management skills

1. Planning - setting goals and deciding activities
2. Organizing - organizing activities and people
3. Leading - motivating, communicating with, and developing people 4. Controlling - establishing targets and measuring performance Management - is the attainment of organizational goals in an effective and efficient manner through planning, organizing, leading, and controlling organizational resources.

*Resources used to attain Organizational goals
1. Human
2. Financial
3. Raw materials
4. Technological
5. Information

1. Attain goals
2. Products
3. Services
4. Efficiency
5. Effectiveness

*Organization - is a social entity that is goal directed and deliberately structured. *Social entity - being made up of 2 or more people
*Goal Directed - designed to achieve some outcome
*Deliberately structured - means that the tasks are divided and responsibility for their performance is assigned to organization members *Organizational Effectiveness - the degree to which organization achieves a stated goal *Efficiency - refers to the amount of resources used to achieve an organizational goal. *Performance - defined as the organization's ability to attain its goals by using resources in an efficient and effective manner. *Management skills summarized in 3 categories

1. Conceptual skills - is the cognitive ability to see the organization as a whole system and the relationships among its parts 2. Human skills - is the manager's ability to work with and through other people and to...
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