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A manager is a person responsible for the work performance of group members.
Management is the process of using organizational resources to achieve objectives
through the functions of planning, organizing and staffing, leading, and controlling.


A.Functional and General Managers
Functional managers supervise the work of employees engaged in specialized
activities, such as accounting, information systems, and marketing. General
managers are responsible for the work of several different groups performing a
variety of functions. Plant managers and CEOs are general managers.

An administrator is a manager who works in a public or nonprofit organization
(including educational institutions) rather than in a business firm.

C.Entrepreneurs and Small-Business Owners
Entrepreneurs are people who begin a new business based on an innovative idea for a product or service. Entrepreneurship is defined along three dimensions: innovativeness, risk taking, and proactiveness. Similar to an entrepreneur, the owner and operator of a small business becomes a manager when the firm grows beyond a few people.

D.Team Leaders
A team leader coordinates the work of a small group of people, while acting as a
facilitator and catalyst.


A.Resources Used by Managers
Managers use four types of resources:
1.Human Resources
2.Financial Resources
3.Physical Resources
4.Information Resources

B.The Four Managerial Functions
Managers must use the four major resources in such a way that goals are reached.
To accomplish this feat, the manager relies on the functions of planning, organizing
and staffing, leading, and controlling.
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