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The Marketing strategy of Toyota in China market

Table of Contents

Planning Stage
Section 1: Brief5
1.0 Title of the Project5
2.0 Objectives of the Projects5
3.0 Statement of Issues to be Investigated5
4.0 Reasons for the Choice of Issue and how this Issue Directly Relates to Topics6 5.0 Covered as Part of the Group Award6
6.0 Justification for Choice of Businesses6
7.0 TOYOTA Access to Information of Method7
8.0 The Method of Research Need to make use of in the Project7 9.0 Statement of Criteria8
9.1 Analyze the 4P theories of Philip Kotler which have been Affected the TOYOTA8 9.2 Generic strategies— MichaelPoter8
Section 2: Planing9
1.0 Timesheet9
2.0 Identification of the Resources Including Time Needed to Carry out the Investigation10

Developing Stage
Executive Summary13
1.0 Introduction14
2.0 Finding14
2.1 The Use of SPELT Analysis of the External Environment Faced by Toyota14 2.2 Sale Promotion16
2.3 Toyota’s Financial Data and Market Share18
2.4 The Impacts of the Product Life Cycle19
3.1 Analyze the 4P Theories of Philip Kotler which have been Affected the TOYOTA22 3.2 Generic Strategies – Michael Porter24
4.0 Conclusion from Assessment26
5.0 Recommendation26
6.0 References28
Appendix 129

Evaluating Stage
Section 1: Assessment the Objectives34
Section 2: Analysis the Effectiveness of Planning and Development stages34 Section 3: Strengths and Weaknesses of the Report35
Section 4: Recommendations for Future Investigations36

Planning stage

Section 1: Brief

1.0 Title of the Project

The investigation marketting strategics of Toyota in China.

2.0 Objectives of the Projects

The objective of the project in the following.
• In the international market, Toyota's facing the external environment • The face of Chinese customers, Toyota has taken what kind of marketing strategy • The strategy for the economic benefits of TOYOTA

And the sub-objectives of the report are giving as follows:
➢ The use of SPELT analysis of the external environment faced by Toyota ➢ Sale promotion
➢ In the Chinese market, Toyota’s business situation. Including its financial data and market share ➢ The impacts of the product life cycle

3.0 Statement of Issues to be Investigated

At first, in order to know the factors that influence a global business organisation to change products and services to adapt their products to local market conditions. I will analyze the marketing strategy of Toyota. Secondly, the factors which impact pricing decisions such as the company costs; customer ability to pay; the price of competitors will be reviewed in this report. Thirdly, investigate the different types of promotion methods used by Toyota evluate their impact on customer.

4.0 Reasons for the Choice of Issue and how this Issue Directly Relates to Topics

My topic is market strategies of TOYOTA in China. Marketing strategy is a method of focusing an organization's energies and resources on a course of action which can lead to increased sales and dominance of a targeted market niche. A marketing strategy combines product development, promotion, distribution, pricing, relationship management and other elements. So the issues I have investigated are the subjects, which are related to the topic. In addition TOYOTA have advantage and success in those issues.

5.0 Covered as Part of the Group Award

• Creating a culture of customer care
• The subject “Economics 2: The World Economy” refer to the free trade, the balance of payments and Chinese entering of WTO. Multinationals doing business in Chinese market through running trade between two countries. • Micro and Macro Theory and Application. I would investigate the Chinese investment policies, and try to...
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