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Business game Report ((Virtonomics))



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The company (rihamsar International) started with 1000 000$ in its balance, the player could accept a gift from “the rich uncle” which is a group of enterprises to manage, or start building the business from the very beginning. I choose to start the business from the beginning by renting an office in Turkey, and that is because it has a strategic location geographically as a country between Asia and Europe and because the taxes are at an average level, the region is called Anatolia it was chosen because it has "25%" Rate of profit tax, the city is Gaziantep It has an education level of "2.50", not very high but it was accepted because the average salary is 160.56$ and the office rent for one employee 160.00$ which is cheaper than the other of the cities. The first step to build the company is to rent an office, I rent an office which has a workspace for 10 employees, a max equipment for ten, the rent cost is 1,600$ and the arrangement expenses is 1,280$ The office started with 5 employees each has a salary of 101.56$, the expected level of staff qualification is "1", the staff got computer equipment of level 1.

The second step is to open a store, the location was chosen in the city center, Customers shopping in City Centers tend to care more on quality than in the pricing, as compared to customers shopping in the suburb. Also, take note of the wealth index of the country. In rich countries, generally, quality is favoured over price. the store sells clothes and outwear. For a start the store ordered from suppliers 222 piece of clothes and 57 piece of outwear and it advertised it’s products on the internet, the internet ads are not going to reach a lot of people, only 693 potential customers but the store about 300 item and a budget of 1 000 000$ this is why the internet is an appropriate tool to use for promotion for now. The quality of the products...
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