Business Environment in India

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  • Published: April 11, 2010
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Business Environment Analysis
MNGT375.102 – International Business
Fall 2009 – Thursday 6:30PM
Mr. Dennis L. Noah
Brandon Barrett
Andrew Murphy
I. General Characteristics of the Country
The country’s terrain varies by region. The renowned Himalayas lie to the North while highland plains occupy the south, home to the Deccan Plateau. The West conveys a different terrain bringing large deserts. As a result of the terrain varying from region to region the climate follows suite. In the south the climate is tropical but moving northward it becomes more temperate. 7,000 km of coastline cover India’s borders making it very accessible. The Arabian Sea and the Bay of Bengal allow water transportation to be done easily for most of the country. The country has a somewhat established infrastructure. The infrastructure does not support its 1 billion plus people properly but despite that its infrastructure is sufficient for the short run and will only improve in the future. Telecommunications in recent years has experienced significant expansion due to the deregulation of telecommunication laws. The cellular service industry is experiencing extremely rapid growth. However the telephone density is merely 40 out of 100 people across the nation. There are a total of 81 million internet users which is a huge untapped market available. There are 349 airports in all of India. 250 of these airports have paved runways; however the other 99 airport’s runways are unpaved. There is 63,327 km of railways throughout the country which is a very established railway system. There is 3,316,452 km of established roadways in India which is the second largest amount for any country in the world. There are 53 national highways which carry a majority portion of the traffic. In addition to roads, there is 14,500 km of waterways mainly in rivers and canals in India. India contains 11 major seaports The conditions within India are not the finest. India is a...
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