The Business Environment

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The Business Environment Apple and Waitrose
The two businesses that I am going to be for this assignment the two companies are contrasting in the way they are managed and the way in which their market shares incline or decline.


Waitrose is an operating grocery retailer in the UK market. The retailing industry was not initially at the forefront of Waitrose marketing strategy, it is only in the last two decades that many retailers have taken an optimistic approach towards their management activities. Waitrose was founded in 1904 by Wallace Waite In 1937, the company, consisting of 10 stores and 160 employees, was taken over by the John Lewis Partnership. In 1908 the name “Waitrose” was adopted. Waitrose has already been supplying the stores over the last two years with over 3,000 Waitrose own label products. Waitrose donates a portion of its profits to a group of charities on a proportional basis. As part of the John Lewis Partnership, all of Waitrose's employees are assigned the title of Partner and co-owners of the business. The following pie chart shows Waitrose market share in the food industry:

Waitrose is a national business however most of its stores are in the south of England where there are two large distribution centres; Waitrose has no plans to expand overseas unlike its bigger competitors. Waitrose runs such services as online home delivery and has a partnership with ocado to ensure that customers get products straight to their front door. Certainly Waitrose is targeting those of its potential store customers that are too busy to visit their stores, 70% of women that work but are still responsible for the shopping or older people who are not fit to visit the stores anymore. Waitrose is the tertiary sector, the source of the produce is the primary sector and the factory that manipulates the product by packaging it and branding the product is the secondary sector. Waitrose is not a primary sector because it does not own the farm it gains the sources of produce from, nor does its own the factories that process the food, it owns two distribution centres in the south of London where they distribute the products to the supermarkets from. These depots are based in Aylesford, Bardon, Bracknell and Brinklow.

Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak founded Apple on April 1, 1976 in Santa Clara Valley, California. The two built the Apple I out of a garage and sold it. The first Apple I computer did not include a monitor, keyboard, or casing. Due to the high demand for the Apple I, Jobs realized that there was a market for small computers. He also realized that he could market the company's name and the computer's user-friendly look.   Apple is an American multinational company widely spread across nine countries, which design consumer electronics such as computing, phones, music players and software products like iTunes and Mac Operating software. Apples mission is to go for Technological pioneering that is to produce new, small yet powerful user-friendly products with individual choice in mind. To provide freedom to its employees to think and act in an innovative way which drives the company forward. Below is a pie chart showing the current share of Apple in the android market: The pie-chart above shows the 2011 operating profit share for Apple stating that Apple owns 71 percent of the market.

Waitrose Business purpose
Waitrose’s aim is “to provide the convenience of a supermarket with the expertise and service of a specialist food shop”; its motto is “freshness, quality, choice and. value”. Waitrose source over 3000 different products. Waitrose had three core objectives:

1. Generate brand awareness
2. Drive footfall into branches
3. Generate orders for their online party service ‘Waitrose Entertaining’ The following is a quote from a website: “We want to encourage the production of good Quality...
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