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Gallardo’s Goes To Mexico|


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“Growing but not winning”- The US market for Gallardo’s sauces, salsas and seasoning had saturated. Having seen immense potential for its product, it entered the Mexico market in 2001. They have grown 20% every year, and their share has grown from 12% to 15%. They have positioned their products on the basis of the jobs carried out by customers, which was a success in the US. Despite all of their efforts to discover separate, distinct jobs to be done and to position their brand on these jobs, they are not growing fast enough and have not been able to overtake California. Gallardo tried to position itself as a distinctive aspiring brand that commanded a significant price premium, however this has not worked and they have not been able to differentiate their products from that of California. Gallardo’s discovered the job-to-be-done, the market leader already had a product in the market that could readily do the job. Objective:

To formulate a winning strategy so as to make it a market leader in Mexico. Hypothesis:
1. Gallardo has not been very successful in forging a strong link in the consumers’ minds between the jobs carried out by them and Gallardo’s brand. 2. The communication strategy is a major challenge and there is a need to re-position the brand in the minds of the consumers. 3. Gallardo has not been able to provide value to Mexican women, who are very passionate about cooking. 4. Gallardo holds only 10% share in general trade which accounts for 90% of the overall sales of salsa, sauces and seasoning.

1. Gallardo

2. Gallardo has positioned itself as a product to get a job-done; however, it is equally important to consider the user while positioning the product especially where the demographics of the new market are so different from the...
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