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Unit 1 Assignment: Business Etiquette
Sonda Vaszlavik
Kaplan University Online
AB224 Microeconomics
Professor K. Martin
May 20, 2013

Business Etiquette: Dress
When we think of business casual dress today your workplace may set the standards and or guidelines about what is appropriate. “Business dress code is a set of standards that companies develop to help provide their employees with guidance about what is appropriate to wear to work.” (Heathfield, 2013. para.1).  This may coincides with how much interaction you have with customers and clients. Back in the 80’s corporate fashion was power ties, suits, and knee length skirts which all had to be clean and crisp. Today however, the casual dress may be kakis, shirt, and loafers forgoing the power tie.

The casual dress should not be revealing which means not exposing too much cleavage, back, stomach, or your underwear. Your attire should not be worn, torn, or have words or graphic pictures and should be clean and unwrinkled. Also make-up and cologne should not be over used to the extent that it overpowers ones senses or those you will be working with. Jewelry should be limited and of good taste and limited showing of any body piercings.

Meanwhile most corporate dress codes are implemented to present and or create a desired image the organization wants to present. Men will wear dress shirts, ties, and dress shoes; women will wear dress slacks, preferably knee length dress or skirt and blouses. Even on casual dress down day the dress profile is still on a semi-professional level, and good personal grooming is also a must.

Dressing for an interview is showing how you want to represent yourself and it is best to have a well groomed personal appearance, dress pants, shirt, tie, and dress shoes for men. Women should also dress appropriately usually dress slacks, blouse, optional jacket, and low heeled shoes. Also remember to be on time, be neatly groomed, smile, and maintain eye...
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