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Table of Contents
1.0 Executive Summary2
2.0 Opinion of value2
3.0 Assumptions and Limiting Conditions2
4.0 Business Overview:3
4.0.1 History of company3
4.0.2 Services provided3
4.0.3 Education industry analysis and its impact on canteen business4
4.3.1 Enrolment of international students5
4.3.2 Education industry’s impact on canteen business5
4.0.4 Production process6 Basic ordering processes6 Self service process7
4.0.5 Customer’s analysis8 Students8 Staff9
4.0.6 Suppliers10
4.0.7 Human resources11
4.0.8 Description of facilities12
4.0.9 Furniture and Fitting13
9000 Series Smart LED TV13
4.0.10 Equipment and Machine14
5.0 Financial Analysis15
5.0.1 Asset valuation: Book value method15
5.0.2 Market valuation method: The going market rate method16
5.0.3 Income-based business valuation: Return on investment (ROI) method17
6.0 References18
7.0 Appendix19

1.0 Executive Summary
The canteen is the only food service provider at ABC University and it serve around 10 000 students and other staffs of the university with reasonable prices and different types of food. Besides that, the production process of the canteen can be whether basic ordering process or self service process. The canteen has many suppliers to supply the canteen with high quality product to ensure the best taste of food provided to the customer. Moreover, the canteen has around 40 tables and 200 chairs and other sofas to maximize the number of the customers. As well as, the canteen has 10 staffs and other part time workers to serve the customers efficiently. 2.0 Opinion of value

For the purpose of selling the canteen, the researcher has been asked to provide an opinion value of fair market value on ABC University. According to the researcher’s opinion the canteen of ABC University is a good deal for the serious buyer whereby, there is no competitor in that area. As well as, the opinion of the selling price is from 400,000 to 500,000. 3.0 Assumptions and Limiting Conditions

This business analysis is subject to the following assumptions and limiting conditions: 1. The information and opinions contained in this document are taken from trusted resources. 2. All facts presented are true and suitable to the best of user knowledge. 3. The researcher stated that the analysis of this report cannot be used to other business to avoid the incorrect conclusion. 4. The business should be managed and maintained by the owner and any changes of the future plan will be the responsibility of the owner. 5. This report contains financial information, which represents the researcher view about reasonable expectations of the canteen financial analysis. 6. The researcher assumed that all expected conditions of the business has been listed.

4.0 Business Overview:
4.0.1 History of company
The ABC University’s canteen has been operating for approximately 15 years by Mr. Bernard. Mr. Bernard was the manager of the canteen and he had 10 staffs working under him. The canteen was operating in a perfect way where most of the students and staffs of the university aim there in order to have their breakfast and lunch during the business time of the university. Moreover, the canteen was suitable and comfortable for all the customers where the technology was implemented and internet was provided. Furthermore, the chefs of the canteen are well experienced in which they can prepare many different dishes including local and international food. Finally, ABC University’s canteen had no competitors, because it was the only place that provides food within the university area. 4.0.2 Services provided

There are many types of services provided by Canteen at ABC University. These services can be food services and other additional services. Food services
* Asian food
* Middle Eastern food
* African food
* Others
ABC University gather students...
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