Social Responsibility in an Uni Restaurant

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The team’s organization of choice for the CSR report is the canteen of Laurea Leppävaara, BarLaurea. BarLaurea’s services consist of the canteen, á la carte restaurant, café as well as the catering services provided for meetings and seminars. BarLaurea is also used as a learning environment for the students of Laurea Leppävaara.

The canteen of BarLaurea serves lunch for several hundred students, ranging from around 300-700 customers every weekday. The food served in the canteen is supported by Kela, meaning that students will get a discount from the food. The canteen does not have much regular staff, excluding the chef and restaurant manager, but the employees of BarLaurea are the students of Laurea Leppävaara, who are working there as a part of their education. The same goes for the other sectors of BarLaurea, as the café, á la carte restaurant and catering services are also mostly run by students.

The á la carte restaurant, Flow, is often used by the staff of Laurea Leppävaara when hosting seminars of workshops for visitors from outside of the school. Same goes for the catering services, which often receive orders from teachers who are holding meetings and require something to serve for their guests. The café on the other hand is in everyday use by both the staff and students of Laurea Leppävaara, as it provides coffee and snacks, as well as a place to hold group meetings and a chance to socialize with others.

The team picked BarLaurea as their subject as it is an organization that everyone of the team is in contact with almost daily. The fact that all of the group members have also completed a training sequence in BarLaurea provides some insight to how the everyday work in BarLaurea is. By knowing how the grass-level work in BarLaurea is like, the team can mirror their findings about how the environmental, social and economic mindset is taken into account by the managerial level of the organization.

BarLaurea is also keen on using organic products in their food, which is a good starting point for the report, and something the team would like to know more about; who are, and how are the supplier chosen? As BarLaurea is conscious about their use of ingredients, the team is interested in finding out what other actions are taken to make BarLaurea a responsible company.

In order to gather the knowledge, the team interviewed the restaurant manager of BarLaurea, Miia Vakkuri. The information from the interview is mirrored to the theoretical knowledge the team has gathered throughout the CSR study unit, to find out how the different aspects of responsibility are achieved in BarLaurea. 2Theory about the interview

The interview is discussion which has a destination. The interviews are devices which by way of can get information and perceive contentual themes. (Hiilamo 2012.) The group decided to choose the email interview as a method to collecting data for the investigation.

Email is an easy and quick way to interview people. With this method researcher can reach the interview target for example he or she is far away or interviewer and interviewee do not have time to meet face-to-face. (Hiilamo 2012.)

Email as an interview method has many benefits. For example interview which has sent via email is saved automatically and if there are many respondents, it is easy and time-saving to send same questionnaire to everyone. Also if the interviewer and interviewee have different language, the questions and answers are easier to control, understand and translate. When the interview is written the researcher can check things as many times as it is needed. Email interview is a rational method to interview people who have hurry in the work. Then the interviewee can answer when she or he has time to do it. (Hiilamo 2012.)

The interview sent via email has also some problems. Not always the emails are responded. Also the sender does not always know if the email comes over. Arrival emails has to...
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