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Topics: Energy conservation, Natural environment, Carbon dioxide Pages: 5 (967 words) Published: October 2, 2011
SEMESTER I 2011/2012


TOPIC:How to conserve our Terra?
Name of Lecturer :Assoc. Prof Quah Chun Hoo

Name No Matrik

Define conserve and “Terra”.
Our planet is in trouble! As we know, human population keeps on increasing, our motherearth is getting more crowded and the environment is getting worse because of human irresponsible behaviour and attitude. Recently, our focus is “how to conserve Terra”. It is a good question whether everyone should concern about it? As the old saying says, the environment is our home and it depends on us to protect it. As we get informed by newspaper, Guang Zhou has been dust-haze for a few days and citizens there, had to wear gauze masks in order to protect their breath systems. What leads to this phenomenon? What will happen if we destroy our environment continuously?

1. No plastic Bag
i) Effect of plastic bag to environment and why no plastic bag? * contributes to air pollution and increases energy consumption * takes 1000 years for polythelene bags to break down
* as it breaks down, toxic substances leech into the soil and enter the food chain

ii) How? What should do to reduce the use of plastic bag? * Public should support “No Plastic Bag Day Campaign”. * Use recycle bag (fashionable)
* Households should reuse the plastic bags
* Government should take initiative to find out alternative suitable for making bags and packing material at competitive rate and without any negative aspect. * Government can educate users to the right disposal method to handle plastics bag through talk. * Shopping complex should implement that customers who insist on plastic bags will have to pay extra.

2. Energy conservation
i) Why should we conserve energy in order to protect our mother earth? * the energy we use every day contributes to climate change * the energy that we use, contributes to environmental pollution * depletion of non-renewable resources

ii) How to conserve energy?
* replace the old light bulbs with energy saving fluorescent bulbs * turn off and unplug all the electronic devices that are not in use * set the washing machines to lower temperature

* reduce the demand for fossil fuels such as coals, oil and natural gas * create energy using natural resources
* participate ‘EARTH HOUR’ campaign which is held every year

3. Reduce CFC gas which used in refrigerators and air cons: i) Effect of CFC on Terra
* destruction of our planet’s only protection against ultraviolet rays * in turn, ultraviolet rays lead diseases like skin cancer * contributes to global warming
ii) How can we decrease the production of CFC?
* Decreasing the number of the times that we open and close our refrigerators. * Using air-condition only in essential occasions
* Inform public about the effect of CFC that harm our planet through media. * Government can reduce the use of air conditions in public places * Government may charge their people more than now on electricity bills to discourage them from being carless and carefree about this subject.

4. Implementation of 3R concept(Reuse, Recycle, Reduce)
Meaning of reuse, recycle and reduce.
i) Why should we implement this concept?
- reducing the needs for landfilling and incineration - preventing pollution
- to save natural...
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