Bus Case Mod 1

Topics: Hygiene, Cleanliness, Public transport Pages: 4 (1466 words) Published: April 28, 2013
TUI University

B. R.

BUS 303, MOD 1 CA

Dr. A.J. Slaughter

Since when did it become acceptable to leave your mess for someone else to clean up? I mean really, when did this become an acceptable practice in the work place? Correct me if I am wrong in the way that my parents raised me. They taught me to clean up after myself. I just fail to understand how a well-educated group of business professionals can accept this behavior as common practice. Hello! We eat in a shared break room. This is not your personal kitchen with your personal housekeeper! How can anyone think that it is ok to leave their unconsumed food and beverages on the table for other fellow break room users to clean up after them? I thought that it was just a common courtesy to automatically clean up the mess that one makes in a common area such as this. I get it that we are all busy with our daily business with deadlines and meetings to make. I also get it that the person’s lunch break may have been interrupted due to some unexpected “work emergency” that may have presented itself. But this should be the occasional exception. It should be only on a rare occasion they fail to clean up after themselves. This is not the case in the case of break room 1. It has become common place for people to leave without the common decency of cleaning up where they ate for the next user. On a daily basis, in break-room 1, fellow employees are left to clean up behind the members of the untidy who just get up and leave from the table. They don’t even think twice about leaving behind their wrappers, bags, unfinished drinks, and napkins. This has become such a common occurrence that our department is being referred to as the “dirty department” by the housekeeping staff. The dirty department is not a title that I want to be associated with in any way. Not only is this a distasteful practice for fellow employees to engage in, but worse yet, it invites pests and vermin into our department. Once the...
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