Childcare Cache Level 3

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  • Published : December 2, 2012
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1.Look around in your workplace setting or your classroom setting for eight more potential hazards. List these in the spaces in the left-hand column below. |Hazard |How the hazard can be dealt with | |Stairs |Involving children in risk assessment , and senssibilize them about the | | |risk of raining in the stairs | |Unauthorised person in the workplace |There is a procedures in place to ensure no unauthorised person is allowed| | |access into the work place if that happen will stop the person and Inform | | |the manager immediately. | |Fire exit blocked |Always make sure that the door in unlocked and unblocked. | |Food left uncovered |The storage need to be checked after lunch. to make sure the hygiene norms| | |has been respected | |Bathrooms |If possible, bathrooms should have child-sized fixtures. If not, then | | |sturdy stools with wide, non-slip bases may be needed. Children's skin | | |burns easily so hot water temperature should not exceed 120 degrees | | |Fahrenheit. Clean up water spills immediately, and check under sinks for | | |toxic or dangerous items....
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