Bus 340 Assignment 3

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Assignment 3: Planning Negotiations
Mary Poff
Strayer University Online

Contracting and Purchasing Negotiation Techniques
Ted Majors, Jr.
February 17, 2013


The purpose of this paper is to demonstrate the need for an effective negotiator to plan, organize, direct, and control a negotiation. This paper will describe the skills and behavior needed for effective negotiations. An understanding of various negotiating strategies or tactics and how they can be applied in varying types of negotiations will be demonstrated. Technology and information resources will be used to research issues in business administration.

“Determine how you would rehearse the negotiation plan.” Once the Procurement Buyer and the negotiation team have developed a good negotiation plan for the purchase of paint for a fleet of ships, it is time to make preparations for rehearsing this negotiation plan. Rehearsal of the negotiation plan is critical! It is important for the multi-talented team to work as a uniform group. Scheduling a mandatory rehearsal team meeting will provide adequate time for corrections or revamps to the negotiation plan. At the designated meeting time and when all team members are gathered, the meeting should be started off with introductions and a professional history profile that gives the team members an opportunity to meet and greet one another, and come to know the value that each specific member brings to the negotiation team. The meeting then should begin to review the negotiation plan and strategies as a group, taking into account all ideas and comments from each team member. There are many do's and don'ts that may not apply to the negotiation of paint for the fleet of ships that may be applicable to government negotiations and vice versa. After team members understand the game plan for the negotiation, it is time to decide on the parts team members will play in the actual negotiation with the vendor. It is important to establish the expertise that each team member brings, and to establish the boundary lines that everyone needs to respect. Another good way to rehearse the negotiation plan is to do some role-playing if time allows. Role-playing this negotiation will allow each team member to go through the steps of the negotiation plan. There will be one person who will play devil’s advocate in order to get a real sense of what may take place in the negotiation, and what supplier responses we can expect. This role playing experience will also allow the Procurement Buyer or leader to rehearse the opening statement. “A well-defined opening statement is crucial to the outcome of a successful negotiation” (Preston, 2012, p. 5). “Skilled negotiators will rehearse their opening statement several times prior to entering the negotiating room” (Preston, 2012, p. 5). After the team has prepared for the negotiation and rehearsed the negotiation plan, it is time to prepare an agenda for the negotiation session. “Prepare an agenda for the negotiation session.”

A trait of a highly effective negotiation planner is that he/she establishes an agenda for a negotiation session and/or insists on reviewing and providing input to the agenda. “The agenda lets the other side know critical things like location, time, access requirements, and the like, without giving them your entire negotiation plan” (McIntyre, 2006, p. 88). For the negotiation involving the procurement of paint for a fleet of ships, the agenda for the negotiation will contain such information as 1) time and date, 2) location, 3) breaks, 4) duration, 5) points of contact, 6) items and issues to be discussed by both sides 7) lead negotiator and authority levels for both sides, 8) number of people attending the negotiation and seating capacity, and 9) the expertise levels of the...
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