Bullying in Schools an Icreased Problem in Australia

Topics: Bullying, Education, Sociology Pages: 2 (740 words) Published: August 24, 2012
School bullying is becoming more of an increased problem within Australian schools. The implications and issues that can arise from bullying can not only appear during a student’s schooling life but can also be psychologically damaging in adulthood and may cause many social issues. Research from Professor Ken Rigby and Statistics from Australian Institute of Health and Welfare provide some evidence that as a consequence bullying in schools can cause many issues within society and strain on the Australian education sector. This essay will discuss the different forms of bullying, why it may happen and the affects it has on the education system and the individuals involved. Bullying can be in many different forms differentiated between both physical and psychological forms. A physical form may include hitting, beating; a psychological form can include, verbal abuse, threatening gestures, stalking behaviour, out-casting and spreading malicious rumours (Rigby, 2007). According to the Australian Institute of Health and Welfare bullying often occurs because of dissimilarities between those involved, for example there may be a personality clash between the parties or differences such as one’s age, culture, religion, sexual orientation and physical appearance may be an issue between the victims and the bullies. Therefore students reporting bullying typically showed high levels of absenteeism, less intention to complete school, social estrangement, negative self-image, and lacked self-esteem. They also had higher levels of anxiety, depression, risk of suicide and were more likely to be engaged in high-risk behaviours such as, drug use and under-age drinking (Delfabbro, Winefield, Trainor & Dollard, 2006). Moreover the broad social issue of Bullying causes huge strain within the education sector of Australia due to the affect that it has on students, educators and all those involved. Much research is conducted to try to illuminate bullying within schools. Rigby...
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