Bullying and Memorable Punch Line

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  • Published : March 10, 2013
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Informative Speech:

What is a good structure, outline or good guidelines to writing an Informative speech? * Your Opener - the opening, ice-breaker or attention grabber * Introduction - Tell them what the speech is about and what your main points will be * Knowledge - Establish credibility by demonstrating expertise and knowledge of the subject - conveying information, presenting ideas, facts and statistics to adequately inform the audience about the subject * Confirmation - Confirm and repeat the key points

* Conclusion - Try to end with a memorable punch line or positive statement By a show of hands, who in here has been bullied? Who in here has been a bully? Did you know that throughout the past years, bullying has become so severe that for every one two three four five six seven eight nine; a student has just dropped out. All on account of bullying or things otherwise.

Many things can define bullying. Bullying is another word for harassing. Whether it’s punching, kicking, or making fun of someone, it all concludes to two forms: physical and mental bullying. Physical bullying involves body contact whereas mental bullying involves messing with the brain. Examples of physical bullying are, pushing, kicking, spitting, punching, hitting, or any other physical contact that the person finds to be abrasive. Examples of mental bullying are being made fun of, making someone feel low of their selves, teasing, or anything that makes the person feel emotionally bad by someone else. Another form of bullying is cyber bullying. It is where students are being bullied online. Things usually said are threatening or sometimes worst.

When you really think about it there are three differences of bullying. Some can just be a rough play - usually by friends and no intention to harm. Some can be real fighting - usually not by friends. Another behavior can be actual bullying, which usually are not friends and is intentional. Statistics show that over...
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