Building a Paragraph

Topics: Sentence, Arrangement, Logic Pages: 2 (448 words) Published: March 21, 2013
A well constructed paragraph contains sentences that are logically arranged and flow smoothly. Logical arrangement refers to the order of your sentences and ideas. There are various ways to order your sentences, depending on your purpose. For example, if you want to describe historical background to an event or something that happened in a time in the past, you would need to arrange your sentences according to the sequence of action, from beginning to end. However, if you want to present important points to support your argument you may want to start with the most important point first and arrange the following points according to level of importance. LINKING

Not only should sentences and ideas in a paragraph be logically arranged, but they should also flow smoothly. Expressions such as next, then, after, when and other signal time sequence; expressions such as an example of, the most significant example, to illustrate are used to identify examples in the sentence. Such expressions provide a link between the ideas presented. Although you do not need to include a linking word or phrase in every sentence, you should use enough of them to help your reader follow your ideas clearly. As you read, you understand the necessity for writers to be responsible creators who help their readers along the way to move from one sentence or idea to the next. This is much like how a guide would shine a torch ahead of you to ensure that every step you make in an unfamiliar zone is a safe and correct step. In the same way, when you write, remember your own responsibility in helping your tutors, lecturers, peers and examiners to find their way through your sentences, to move from one step to the next without getting lost. They may have red-ink pens and critical eyes, but it is you who holds the torch. Never forget that.

Each sentence in a paragraph should relate to the topic and develop the main idea. If your...
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