Process Essay

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The Process Essay

❖ You will be writing an essay that explains some sort of process. You will need to think carefully about your topic. Write a five paragraph essay explaining how to do something. Use steps to explain the process. Your goal is to make the explanation so detailed and clear that anyone could pick up your essay, follow the steps, and complete the process correctly. VERY IMPORTANT: Please do not use “you” in this essay.

❖ Begin your introduction by catching your reader’s attention. Please aim for a full and interesting introduction, not just one or two sentences. Remember, your thesis statement will come at the end of your intro.

❖ Remember, thesis statements are different depending on what type of essay you are writing. For the process essay, your thesis statement may look like one of the following: ← By following these easy steps, anyone can change a tire in 10 minutes. ← The following steps will ensure a smooth ride in a stick shift car. ← Even an amateur can work a digi-camera after repeating these simple steps.

❖ Some common transitional words and phrases used for the process essay: Firstlastlyfor example
Thenin addition

❖ Divide your three central paragraphs into organized steps. It is fine if you have more than three steps to your process; your job is to divide all steps into three clearly written and well organized paragraphs. Yes, this means that you may need to include three or four steps in one paragraph. Organization is the key!

❖ Your conclusion needs to revisit your steps in a fresh way. Like your introduction, your conclusion needs to be full, more than one or two sentences. You want to end in a way that makes your reader say “I’ve learned something.” Make your reader remember your essay! You may want to begin your...
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