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Establish rapport and relationship with customer and express a genuine interest in customer needs and requirements to enhance customer commitment, trust and credibility of store and to build return customer base a)Under the headings provided, list five qualities that a customer in your store may be looking for.

friendly manner

product knowledge
speaking tone
listening skills
professional store culture
professional ethics

Store Qualities
well lit
good atmosphere
well organised
clean and tidy

b)Each store may have specific policies or procedures for approaching customers. What can you do to ensure you make a good first impression? Always make eye contact with the customer the first second they come in. Even if you are with another customer or on the phone, make eye contact and acknowledge that they are there immediately. A simple gesture tells the new person that you see them and will be right with them. Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile! Smile!

Your greeting should tell the customer, “I am glad you’re here!” Greetings such as:
“Good morning! How can I help you today?”
“Hello, how is your day going so far?” What can I help you with today?” •“Hi, we haven’t seen you in a while!”
“Welcome, what can I do for you today?”
“Good afternoon! What can we do for you today?”
A friendly greeting immediately disarms the person and sets them at ease. It sets the tone for the rest of the interaction. No matter what the customer’s emotional state this will make things better. This is probably the single most important point for anyone working in any position where they greet customers.

1.2Maintain professional ethics with the customer to promote store image and credibility a)There are three things that are important in maintaining professional ethics. What are they? 1.honestly

2.Knowledge of products and services

b)Give three examples of unethical behaviour in a skin care salon? 1.DIS-HONESTLY not being honest about a product just for selling purpose 2.Being unprofessional and not talking their concern serious , making fun of their skin type or being rude about it… ahhh not sure lol 3.Not showing products that are good for that customers need and not willing to help or listen

1.3Accurately clarify customer needs and preferences to maximize sales opportunities a)Name five traits you must exhibit to accurately identify customer needs
Acknowledging the customers presence

Appropriate questioning of the customer

Active listening



confirmation of the customers presence

b)Read the following scenario which demonstrates a good questioning technique.

Salesperson:Good afternoon. I see you are looking at our new range of lipstick Which brand do you prefer?

Customer:They are all very nice.

Salesperson:Is the lipstick to match an outfit?

Customer:Yes, it’s to go with a blue dress.

Salesperson:This pale pink would match as well as the the red, both go with your skin tone also, would you like to try them?

Design a “logical questioning” technique as above for a product that you sell in your store. Use the space provided.

Salesperson:Good morning , see that you have been looking at this different face cream for while now , cant decide which one best suits your skin? Customer:Yeah i really cant
Salesperson:Would you like to tell me a lil bit of ur concerns f your skin maybe i could help you decid which one works best for your skin type and concern Customer:Yeah id appreciate it

1.4Maximize sales opportunities by use of add-on and complementary sales techniques a)List five services that you sell in your clinic. Write down three complementary products/services that you will recommend and explain your method of doing so.

Product NameComplementary Products/Services...
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