H&M Marketing Framework

Topics: Marketing, Brand, Brand management Pages: 4 (751 words) Published: November 5, 2010
I. Market context – understanding the market environment that H&M is operating

• What is the overview of the Hong Kong fashion & apparel market?

← What are the characteristics of this market?
← What are the different market segments?

← Segmentation, Positioning and Competitor Analyis of H&M – where do they te these impression (marketing strategy STP) ?

• How do they evaluate the performance of H&M?
■ Creating a thrilling shopping experiences. Renews it store inevmtory daily ( encourage customers to come o store daily ( repetitive purchase ← How do they compare H&M vis-a-vis key competitors? ← What are the perceived strengths & weaknesses?

■ Target customers – demographics, psychographics ■ Marketing strategies – product, price, promotion, place, etc. ■ Positioning, images

II. Target customers – understanding of customers need and expectations

• How to describe the target customers of H&M?
← Demographics
← Psyhchographics – what are their attitudes towards fashion & apparel?

A quick recap – SWOT analysis for H&M
– Opportunities that H&M can tap into
■ Doesn’t pile up at any warehouses, fast turnaround ■ A team of 100 in-house designers works with buyers to develop clothing, which is then outsourced to a network of 700 suppliers, swifting suppliers constantly to get the best price ■ Add new brands to its portfolio, more upscale and targets older customers, higher prices ■ Restocked daily to ensure the inevntories

– Threats / issues that H&M need to address / consider
■ Poor quality, last for one season only
■ Difficult to shop ( clumsy
■ Copying

– Strengths that H&M can further leverage
■ Shift focus from mature markets toward higher growth countries ( Asian Market ■ Pioneering use of cross over with celebrities designers such as Madonna, Karl...
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