Budget Comparison

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First of all, the budget on 2012 is formulated with the theme “national transformation policy, welfare for the rakyat, well being of the nation with focusing on five key area which area accelerating investment, generating human capital excellence, creativity and innovation, rural transformation programmed, strengthening the civil service and easing inflation and enhancing the well being of the Rakyat. While in the 2013 budget with the theme of “prospering the nation, enhancing well being of the rakyat, a promise fulfilled”, the government is focus on five key area which like a previous budget but it is more efficient and effective in term of boosting investment activity, strengthen education and training, inculcating innovation, increasing productivity, fiscal consolidation and enhancing the public service delivery and enhancing well being of the rakyat.

Budget allocation
When looking based on the allocation, it wills categories in term of developing and operating expenditure. The total budget on 2012 is RM232.8 billion. While in the 2013 the amount is increased to RM251.6 billion to implement all government development plans which include the projects and programmers with priority for well being of the rakyat. In 2013, the federal government revenue is estimated of RM208.6 billion compared with RM207.2 billion in 2012. In the operating expenditure, the total on 2012 is RM52 billion compared to 2013 is RM58.6 billion which distribute for emoluments. On the budget 2012, it is RM30.5 billion for supplies and services compared to 2013 is RM33.7 billion. In term of fixed chargers and grant, the budget is on 2012 is RM96.5 billion compared to 2013 is RM107.3 billion. The amount for purchase of assets is same for both years which is RM1.1 billion. The remain of sum for 2012 is total of RM 1.5 billion compared to 2013 it decreased to RM1.2 billion. In the development expenditure, the budget on 2012 is RM29.8 billion compared to the budget on 2013 is...
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