Budget Management Analysis

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  • Published : May 11, 2013
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Budget management analysis is commonly used by mangers as a tool helping to make sure that all resources in existence get put to use correctly. The budgets are determined annually because they are determined by the preceding year’s budget and differences. Budgets can be controlled by specific techniques to control budgets within prediction, consider five to seven expense results with budget anticipations, explain possible factors that cause fluctuations, present ways to keep results associated with goals, share three benchmarking strategies, and consider the ones that could increase budget accuracy, and give good reason for the choices made. (Finkler, 2007)

Several techniques are often used to regulate budgets; managers as well as the chief financial officer of nearly all health related agencies provide the techniques necessary to manage the budget. By balancing the budget the institution will likely be better organized for the financial guidelines, which are the company’s upcoming expenses. A few techniques that can improve balancing the budget are zero based, activity based, performance based, cost fluctuations and benchmarking. Zero based budgeting examines each individual expense within a business and justifies the necessity and expense of each. Activity based pricing is the accumulation of the operating cost records, which is also assigned to individual programs which include engineering. The performance dashboard applies the metrics of functioning and examines the reason behind financial difficulties. Cost variance analysis identifies the differences of the original cost and perhaps estimated cost of an expense. Benchmarking gathers details of the performances as well as techniques from these types of agencies and examines the records to assist in planning modifications. Motivating the employees and advising them of the budget requirements is an additional approach which may be used to help the company be successful. (Finkler, 2007)

The expense records...
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