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  • Published : September 25, 2011
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Running head: Budget Development Analysis

Budget Development Analysis
University of Phoenix
Education Finance and Budgeting/EDA 538
Dr. Pamela Wilkins
March 21, 2009

Budget Development Analysis

The budget of a school is potentially the most important step in the daily operation of a school district. Every decision that is made affects staff, students, programs, services and daily operations at the core of the school environment. Every decision can affect the success or failure of the district. In this time of economic decline, the district must make decisions while maintaining the standards they have outlined for the district. Pleasanton Unified School District has allowed for a budget of $143 million. Stakeholders

The stakeholders in this district are the board of trustees, the superintendent, administration, certificated staff, classified staff, students and their families and those community members that are involved in various means within the district. Development of Budget

There are a variety of factors affecting the budget of Pleasanton Unified School District. One is the continued increase in enrollment. Pleasanton has seen a slight increase over the years of growth with the anticipated enrollment being 14,740 which is an increase of just over 1%.. The cost of living increase (COLA) will be calculated at 4.53% with no deficit. Lottery income will be $137.00 per annual ADA. OF this amount, $118.00 is unrestricted and Prop 20 restricts $19.00 for instructional materials. The district is also using grant money to support professional development, SLIP, 10th grade counseling, K-3 CSR, 9th grade CSR, PAR staff development, school counselors, arts and music and CAHSEE support. Categorical funding will support reading programs and supplies. Revenues and Expenditures

The total budget for PUSD is $143 million. This is an increase of approximately 9% over the previous school year and includes federal monies of $8 million;...
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