Financing Philippine Local Government

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  • Published: January 25, 2011
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This volume is submitted to assist Congress in the review and deliberation of the proposed national budget for the legislation of the annual appropriations measures for the next fiscal year. It contains the details of the government’s proposed program and is presented into two parts, namely: Part I – National Government Budget, and Part II - Budgets of the three (3) Energy Corporations.| The FY 2008 Budget Program|

The total proposed expenditure program for FY 2008 amounts to P1.227 Trillion, computed on an obligation basis, as presented in Table I below and in Annex A.| Table I
Summary of Appropriations and Obligations of the National Government, FY 2006-2008 (In thousand pesos)|
(Actual)| 2007
(Adjusted)| 2008
  New General Appropriations| 597,663,400| 635,041,878| 770,728,857|   Automatic Appropriations| 375,221,399| 552,226,582| 570,763,234|   Continuing Appropriations| 90,010,729| 40,126,566|  |   Supplemental Appropriations| 46,926,524|  |  |

 |  |  |  |
Total Available Appropriations| 1,109,822,052| 1,227,395,026| 1,341,492,091| Less: Unused Appropriations/
         Unobligated Allotments | 64,994,647| 101,256,026| 114,492,091| TOTAL OBLIGATIONS| 1,044,827,405| 1,126,139,000| 1,227,000,000| Out of the P1.227 Trillion budget proposal, an amount of P770.7 Billion of New General Appropriations is proposed for enactment in FY 2008. This includes P114.5 Billion of Unprogrammed Appropriations which will be provided as standby authority to be released only when revenue collections exceed revenue targets. | By Departments/Special Purpose Funds|

The proposed P1.227 Trillion expenditure program is allocated among the various departments and special purpose funds as follows:| Table II
Summary of Obligations and Proposed New Appropriations, FY 2006-2008 (In thousand pesos)|
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