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  • Published : November 13, 2012
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Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas

DATE: October 15-19, 2012 DEPT. / DIVISION : ITIOD - CND

October 15, 2012
* Daily monitoring of networks in Regional Frame Relay (Leased Lines) for the network performance of the links connected to Head Office. * Monitored BSP-Kalibo down. Do test pings and found out that the said link was destination unreachable. Create Incident report for the record of the incident happen. * Handles Incident Report for the occurrence of the incident. * Records consistency of downtime between Telco and BSP.

October 16, 2012
* Daily monitoring of Regional WAN Frame Relay and LAN Network interconnected to BSP. * Troubleshoot BSP-Roxas thru DOS prompt and found out that it is now in sending echo signals from the Head Office. Escalate a call thru provider for the request of RFO (Reason of outage) * Handles / Creates Incident Report for the occurrence of the incident.

October 17, 2012
* Daily assessment and monitoring of Regional Frame Relay and Network Architecture for Network Performance Management. * Monitoring links / circuits for the performance of networks of different regions of BSP. Troubleshoot each region thru DOS prompt and ping results. * Generate interface utilization reports for the TMS Network. Update, configure and add devices in WhatsUP monitoring with Engr. Gladys Lara. * Setup a network hub in IT department. Patch cables through the connected switch with respect to the port with Engr. Ferdy Dural. * Handles Incident report for the consistency of time record between BSP and provider.

October 18, 2012
* Daily monitoring of Regional BSP Frame relay and monitoring each site of regions connected to BSP. * Setup Polycom (Video conference appliance) for the meeting with the outside clients of BSP with Engr....
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