Patton - Fuller Community Hospital

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  • Published : January 9, 2012
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An analysis of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network systems James doglas
December 19, 2011
Carol Eichling

An analysis of Patton-Fuller Community Hospital Network systems

Patton – Fuller community hospital’s network system consist of two major parts, the first part is the executive part that connects the hospitals executive management, human resources department, operations, IT and data center, etc., the first network is connected using a 1000base-T Gigabyte network connection that uses a typical Cat6 cabling (Apollo Group Inc., 2008), the second major part of the network connects the departments of radiology, operating room, wards, ICU’s, etc. using a 1000base F fiber optic based connection, this connection is a gigabyte connection too and the both parts of the connections are connected to the network bridge switch that is acting as a core switch. Observing the network structured layout (Apollo Group Inc., 2008) reveals that the deployment decisions were made depending on the physical distances between the nods in each major network part. In the first part, it was obvious that the nods where in one physical place and the distances between them is not more than three hundred meters, this assumption were made depending on the fact that the 1000Base T network cannot be efficient more than the distance mentioned above. Where the second major part is in physical locations that more in distance than the executive network, this was based on the assumption the multi-core fiber network can be distanced up to two to three kilometers. The network logical operations are all based around the IT data center (Apollo Group Inc., 2008) since it contains the major servers and the NAS (Network Attached Storage) (, 2011), it’s also included the internet gateway router that allows access to the Internet. Furthermore any access to the network from the external resources will be routed through the RAS (Remote Access Server). Depending on the current...
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