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  • Published : February 25, 2012
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Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review
University of Phoenix

Mediation and Advocacy Literature Review
Human Services is a fascinating field. Throughout this field, there are many different ways which one can help their fellow man. During my travels of re-education, I have learned how much one can help and how much people need help from others. Through this assignment, I came across the following websites which reaffirmed my mission in life; to care and help for others. National Association for Community Mediation

The NAFCM has locale resources throughout the US and can be found in any major city or town. The NAFCM’s mission statement resonate their ability to help others by stating how “communities around the globe, programs and volunteers share their expertise to help others constructively engage, transform, and resolve conflict.  NAFCM supports these peacemakers by aggregating their wisdom, amplifying their voice, and advancing their critical work” ( The fundamental message this organization tries to apply is to empower individuals in transforming their lives through engagement in collaborate and constructive methods, allowing an individual to gain back their life by being heard and allowing the healing process to commence. This website has many forums which help direct anyone in the direction they are seeking. This is a great site because as someone who is majoring in this field, I have the ability to volunteer in assisting someone gain some insight on how to go about meeting their needs. This site makes the board members information available, so one can see their qualifications and decide whether the member is an ideal person to assist. Catholic Charities of Los Angeles

The Catholic Charities of Los Angeles is an advocacy center I would like to work in. This center provides services such as protecting the elderly, assisting the homeless, and guidance for children and teens. There are many centers...
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