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I. Executive Summary
Short summary of the campaign

Broomsticks are an essential part of the Filipino household. Due to the Philippines’ climate which ..dust. Sweeping became a daily routine. We are assigned to carry out a product launch of a new brand of broomstick. We aim to go against the widely used broomstick in the Philippines, Baguio broomstick. We plan to grab 30% of the broom market in the span of 6 months campaign period. Our budget is P5 million.

II. Research Highlights
Choose only most important findings from 100 person survey and highlights of interviews with at least five KOLs (key opinion leaders) or resource persons.

III. Situation Analysis
Industry Analysis
Describes the needs of the business and the customers, major trends affecting the industry, significant and important companies, industry size (growing, declining, etc), and other relevant industry facts and insights

SWOT Analysis
A SWOT analysis of the business environment can be performed by organizing the environmental factors as follows: The firm's internal attributes can be classed as strengths and weaknesses .The external environment presents opportunities and threats.

Strengths– Our broom is made from garbage turned to an eco-friendly broom stick. -The handle is made of garbage that has been processed to Fluff©, a material that can be used as a substitute for the normal broomstick handle. The bristles are made of Tiger grass (lasa o sugbo as it is known in Catanduanes •Weaknesses- The fact that our broom handle is made of garbage may give the consumers a wrong impression that it is filthy and that it reeks. •Opportunities- Calamities that are currently happening because of improper waste management. People will be urged to act on the matter. •Threats- It is a new product, so people might doubt its capabilities . Furthermore, it is a broomstick ,a product that is not commonly advertised locally. -As said in the

IV. Environment Analysis
Competitive Analysis
Describe the keys to Success of the leading brands, critical Issues facing the brands, competitive differences, unique selling propositions of competitors, review of competitive advertising and promo strategies, etc.

Sociocultural – Filipinos are family oriented, exhibit community spirit (bayanihan), and naturally show compassion and sympathy. They also believe in superstitions (ex. Cleaning the house thoroughly on New Year’s) Technological

company –
suppliers –
distributors –
consumers –
public – general public, media public, government public and internal public

V. Target Market Analysis
Primary and Secondary
Demographics, Psychographics and Geographics

Description of Conceptual Target Consumer

Open all hours – younger, generally female consumers receptive to direct marketing. They pick and choose, being quick to reject marketing that doesn’t impress but slow to throw away customer magazines. •Pragmatists – usually mid-market consumers in the family life-stage. They are concerned with value for money and are the most likely to welcome and respond to direct marketing. •Time-pressured butterflies – likely to be older, upmarket and female. These consumers value fast response, preferring newspapers and magazines as a source of marketing information. •Guarded privatists – probably retired and probably male, they tend to dislike targeted communications, preferring to obtain their consumer information from television and radio advertising. Art of RelatingAmiableAnalyticalDriverExpressive

Work spacepersonal/
Prioritymaintain relationshiptask/
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