Bridging the Gap of Child Care Centre

Topics: Childhood, Early childhood education, Play Pages: 4 (1420 words) Published: April 11, 2013
YMCA Early Years Center is a community service program focus on early education. The plan curriculum and programs help children grow up and develop their different abilities of life. In order to build the gap between philosophy and practice; in this paper, I will analyze the YMCA’s educational philosophy in four main points. Also, I will integrate the philosophy by connecting with philosophers and theorists. Finally, I will evaluate the philosophy with the ELECT document, and make prediction for the philosophy in real life situations. Summary of the Philosophy:

YMCA Child Care Center provides a good place to help children develop and grow, because there are many opportunities to let children play. Firstly, playing helps children learn while the staff provides a safe, stimulating environment as well as an environment that allows the children to develop and learn through activities. As a play based center, all things are based on what children want to play. Secondly, the center follows child-centered theory. YMCA child care is combined playing to learn curriculum, which depends on children’s development level and “encourage educators to build upon and plan for activities that inspire a child to explore their interests” (Ykids online, 2013). At the same time, in order to let children get more environment interactions, YMCA Child Care Center believes that by creating a positive physical environment which is essential in supporting children’ learning. Finally, the philosophy also emphasizes the importance of the relationship between family and program such as families are invited to share ideas and information. Also, Children’s parents are involved in the program because parents can build relationship with children during the class time and help children understand contents of class Integration of Research and Theory:

Philosophy of education guides and directs daily teaching nowadays. The philosophy of YMCA early education is developed by many...
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