Bridal Perfetta

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The business that we are planning to launch is a bridal shop, which establish by four shareholders. It will be located at Pacific City that located at Likas Bay and is it currently under construction. Due to the service variety that we provide, it may require three floors in order for us to deliver services to our customers. The name of the shop is “Bridal Perfetta”. Perfetta is an Italian language and it indicates perfect. The meaning of this name is bride having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics during their wedding. Therefore, our duty is to ensure bride could look as good as it is possible to be.

We considered our business as a new or fresh held and launching in Sabah because our services will be the most quality and offering different services to customer. Moreover, we are planning to focus and target in Kota Kinabalu, afterward will be expanding to other places. The reason we launching the Bridal Perfetta are because we want to serve the value, quality and uniqueness service to people that other competitors would not have this kind of services. It will become our competitive advantages to our business.

We are confident on our business since there are a lot of competitors in Sabah which did not provide such service variety. Mostly the competitors that we observe are just only providing the same type of services every time. They would not have any new ideas to create more variety. Our service is a composition of several industries such as beauty and fitness centre, manicure and pedicure, facial beauty and wedding studios. Typical bridal studios just offering wedding packages that include bridal attire and accessories, hair and make-up, and photography sessions.

At the moment, we are trying to gain market percentage for the first 3 years since we are just started the business in the market. Besides that, the cost to start up this business is extremely high, so it will takes longer time to earn back the profit. In future, we hope to expand our business to West Malaysia once we got the achievement within 5 years.

Each of the shareholders is engaged in different position because the four shareholders have the knowledge in providing services for beauty and wellness. The chart below shows our company organizational chart. Beautician

(Michelle Wong)

Nutrition & Personal Trainer
(Michelle Voo)
Bridal Perfetta

Management & Finance
(Paulette Ng)

Marketing & Human Resource
(Cynthia Lai)

Internal Atmosphere
Make up area

The dressing room should be bright enough to observe customer’s festures clearly and that beautician is able to match their makeup techniques which will makes the bride even pretty. Manicure & Pedicure area

This area should have a rack to put all the nail colour ans also prepare a sample nails with different art styles so that customers are able to choose among the samples. The room should bright enough to ensure our staffs could serve our valued customers without any problems occurs.

Facial area

The light of facial room should be dim. Dim light could help our customers feel relax and relief from pressure. In addition, we will put some dried rosemary that slipped into sachets for the pillows. It could used to calm people mind when they smell the scent of rosemary. Spa area

We provide personal spa tube to protect privacy of our customers. Moreover, we places a rack for our customers to put their clothes and many towels will be given for them to dry off their body after spa.

Gym area

First aid kit will be supply in case of any accidents occur inside the gym room. Our gym room surround by glass windows instand of building by cement walls. Nutrition Consultation & Psychotherapy area...
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