Hug Your Customers

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Hug Your Customer Jessica Gallentine
By: Jack Mitchell
Published by: Hyperion
Copyright: 2003
Pages: 271

There are eight parts to this book they are:
Hugging 101: the principles of passionate customer service From three suits to three thousand: evolving a hugging organization The big secret: how to hire and retain great associates
Olive doesn't work here anymore: you can't compete with technology Game day: It's about playing to win
The formula: have an economic model
We love mistakes: what to do when you mess up
The power of new: constantly freshen your hugging culture

Part 1: Hugging 101
In part one they talk about how if you sell with passion you will develop long-term loyal relationships with your customers. They also talk about how satisfied customers are is no longer enough, customers must be extremely satisfied with a company/sales person in order to be loyal to them. They use the word “hug” a lot in this book. Hugging is anything that exceeds a customers expectations. A few ways you can “hug” your customers are:

Have everyone on the floor, not just sales people but management too! The customers must feel like everyone, even the manager, wants to help. Make your business feel like home. Using first names and offering coffee and snacks to your customers are just 2 of the ways you can do this. Know everything you can about your customers! Right down to the name of their pet. Offer services offered in other industries but not commonly in yours. The customers will see this as a luxury. Think outside the box, this will help you stay ahead of the competition. The last part of “Hugging 101” just talks about if you hug a customer enough eventually they will hug back and that is where the true relationship lies. Part 2: From three suits to three thousand

In part 2 we move on to how to evolve a hugging culture. First of all you have to like people! Your personality is your business, so if you don't like...
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