Breakthrough Products

Topics: Information, Bryan-Michael Cox, Design Pages: 1 (295 words) Published: February 6, 2013
A systematic way for designing breakthrough products or services includes two main steps. These two lead to considering of meaning first and technology second. This innovative method of creating a step forward product is clearly different from the common ones. It is so because such companies look for the original approaches not by analyzing the habits of consumers but by interpreting other very meaningful sources. They are called the interpreters. This concept includes people who can help for the companies to perceive the situation from the different perspectives. For example, the interpreters could be designers, psychologists, architects and many other experts who have explored the field. These people are very valuable for the company in order to create the new meaning of the product which attracts the customers more than the old one. In that way, consumers get a product which is above their expectations. Especially this ability to astonish the customers ensures the success for the company in the huge rivalry. However, often it is a complicated task to find the right interpreters. It is so because the companies need to look at the problem from the different angles and perceive it unusually. So it is essential to analyze the whole user’s experience. It means that not only the product is important but also its presentation or environment around it. The companies have to understand that there are a lot of factors which impact the customers’ decision. After this analysis the companies are able to direct their actions toward the necessary experts or, the most important, people who are forward-looking researchers. This cooperation provides the relevant information which enables the companies to come up with innovative decisions. Then the breakthrough products establish the company as the preference in the eyes of customers.
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