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1. Acknowledgement-----------------------------------------------------------2 2. Contents----------------------------------------------------------------------3 3. Introduction------------------------------------------------------------------4 4. Abstract-----------------------------------------------------------------------5 5. Paper making process-------------------------------------------------------6 6. The work procedure of the company--------------------------------------9 7. Brand development & marketing-----------------------------------------11 8. SWOT Analysis-------------------------------------------------------------17 9. Distribution channels-------------------------------------------------------21 10. Warehouse work------------------------------------------------------------35 11. Scopes & opportunities----------------------------------------------------38 12. Conclusion------------------------------------------------------------------40 13. References-------------------------------------------------------------------41


* I learnt about the technical aspect of paper making and the overall work procedure of the company. * I prepared a report on Brand Development & Marketing and based on the points mentioned in the report conducted a SWOT Analysis for the company. * I also prepared a report on the Distribution Channels undertaken in the industry. * I also studied the work procedure followed at the warehouse of the company and based on my discussion with the staff there incorporated some suggestions that can be undertaken.


Paper can be made from 2 different types of raw material sources:- * Virgin pulp – prepared from a mixture of straw, bagasse, soft and hard wood. * Recycled pulp – prepared from waste paper/recycled paper The procedure from recycled paper is in much prevalence today in the paper industry as virgin pulp preparation involves deforestation. Thus the use of waste paper is much more convenient. Let us now discuss how paper is made from recycled paper. The entire process of paper making can be divided into 2 parts:- 1. Pulp preparation

2. Pulp casting and paper production
1. Pulp preparation – This process involves the conversion of waste paper into pulp by the addition of various chemicals. The preparation of final pulp involves the processes listed below:- a) Pulping – In this process, we use a large cylindrical grinder machine called Pulper, to which the waste paper is added along with several other components like chemicals and water(steam at temperature 50°C) to prepare the pulp. The pulp prepared is of either high consistency (13-15%) or low consistency (4-6%). Consistency is basically the ratio of fibres in the form of cellulose to the amount of water. b) Deinking – The next step is the removal of ink prints from the waste paper, thus the name deinking. It is an important process to cleanse the used paper and involves the use of several chemicals like - Caustic, Sulphide and Peroxide. These surfactants bind to the ink in the pulp and form bubbles that float to the top of the cell, removing the ink from the pulp. c) Screening – Often we find several unwanted articles like pins, sticks, etc mixed with the waste paper bundle. Thus in order to remove all those we use the process of screening. For effective screening we use a 3 way process or a 3 filter process. d) Thickening – The slurry pulp is made to thicken in this process by the removal of extra water content. e) Refining – The pulp is then beaten to make the paper fibres swell and turn any bundles of fibres into individual fibres. In this process we make the pulp to pass through two cylindrical disks in order to prepare the pulp according to our specifications. f) Sizing – Sizing reduces the absorbency to lessen or prevent bleeding and feathering of watery media....
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