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Microsoft Xbox


Executive SummaryPage 3
Situation AnalysisPage 3
Market SummaryPage 3 - 5
SWOT AnalysisPage 5 - 6
CompetitionPage 6
Marketing StrategyPage 6
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Executive Summary
Microsoft Xbox is a company that makes games, gaming systems and accessories. The use of these systems has risen dramatically over the years and the people that use them are always looking for a new great game or accessory to go with it. Also, Microsoft Xbox has launched the new Xbox 360 Elite, the most elite gaming system available today. Back in November 2005, when Xbox 360 first hit the shelves, it was just the beginning. Although the console itself has not changed, the number of games available for it has risen exponentially. You can also play many regular Xbox games, designed for the first Xbox, that have backward compatibility with Xbox 360. More than 200 Xbox games work well on Xbox 360. That increases the total number of games available for the Xbox 360 to over 300, and still growing! Situation Analysis

The Xbox has been around for awhile and the gaming system, games and accessories have been well received and the market is continuing to grow. The marketing will be key in continuing product loyalty, growth of the customer base and keeping on top of the growing market. Market Summary

The Microsoft Xbox’s market consist mostly of hard-core gamers, typically males ages 17 to 24, although Microsoft Xbox has started to market to women as well. Microsoft Xbox is trying to appeal to a wider variety of consumers and to understand what there needs are so they can better communicate with them.

Target Markets
Males ages 17 – 24
Looking to target women and families also.
Market Demographics
The profile for the typical Xbox customer consists of the following geographic, demographic and behavior factors:
Microsoft Xbox has no set geographic target area. By leveraging the expansive reach of the Internet and multiple other sales arenas, Microsoft Xbox can serve both domestic and international customers. •Microsoft Xbox has captured 51% of the gaming community. Demographics

There is a higher ration of males vs. female users.
Males, ages 17 to 24.
Behavior Factors
Users enjoy the gaming community.
Users spend money on games as well as accessories.

Market Need
Microsoft Xbox is providing elite gaming systems as well as games and accessories to hard-core gamers. •Superior Game Playing
The Greatest Game Portfolio
Versatility to Play all Types of Media
Xbox Live
Being able to Share and Customize
Customer Service
Market Trends
Microsoft Xbox will continue to market itself as it has been to keep its current Target Market happy, but it will start to branch out and market much more heavily to women and families. There is a huge market out there that Microsoft Xbox has not really touched upon with women and families. There are many gaming systems that are geared towards children that many women buy for there children. If Microsoft Xbox starts to compete in that area and creates games and accessories that younger children can use and be able to continue to use as they grow, parents would be happy to buy one for them to have and grow with. Many more women would be happy to invest into an Xbox for their children and families to use. Market Growth

With all of the different games and accessories available for the Xbox and the continuing advancement with the Xbox the market has seen steady growth. SWOT Analysis
The following SWOT analysis captures the key strengths and weaknesses within the company, and describes the opportunities and threats facing...
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