Bosu Trainer Case Study

Topics: Exercise, Weight training, Physical exercise Pages: 5 (1300 words) Published: October 26, 2012
Class: ITM 200- Business Information Systems
Assignment: Case Study 1 (Chapter 3)
Subject: Business Process Management
Company: Bosu Fitness
Industry: Exercise Equipment Industry

The Bosu balance trainer was invented in 1999 by David Wreck the name Bosu means “Both Sides Utilized” because this exercise equipment has two sides. The two sides of the exercise equipment can be used for training with any kind of work out fitness. Bosu reflects a philosophy in athletic conditioning that focuses on balance; balance is the foundation on which all other performance components are built. Bosu are known to have a good reputation among these market leaders and are delivering significant benefits without risk of injury. These products that have been created by Bosu have become very successful and it’s undoubtedly that other companies try to make similar products. Bosu have become a long term company because they transformed its early market lead into a sustainable and durable market share.

Exercise Equipment Industry
Over the years exercising has been something that many people have become fond of, there is many facts that show exercising helps stop obesity, help people lose weight and stay in shape. In this industry markets aim for people to buy exercise equipment or train in a gyms with this statement being said there is a lot of competitiveness.

On the national scale, most equipment is made and in Ashland, Ohio all of the market demand comes from there only. Fitness equipment has always been manufactured from Fitness Quest while most suppliers anticipate on keeping prices stable on the equipment so that it would be affordable for the company to purchase. Moreover Fitness Quest has a very high manufacturing outlay which makes it a challenge for companies sacrificing and it leads to thin margins and companies being competitive. Suppliers for Bosu are more than a few there is Amazon, Bosu Wholesale, Alibaba and many more. According to suppliers many customers purchase Bosu equipment most suppliers try and make deals for customers as far as shipping and handling with the products. Also suppliers often depend on logistics specialists to facilitate the delivery of their products as well as getting the delivery to its destination in a timely manner. In general Suppliers have different exercise equipment that they must supply to major companies such as: treadmills, bikes, weights, medicine balls and much more.

The Bosu
As a worldwide successful fitness training company they supply excellent fitness equipment balls, weights, mats etc. The Bosu consist of 15 employees that are inspired, hard working industry leaders, and each one of them holds a unique special character as well as having a shared drive for paving new roads in fitness. Furthermore Bosu training isn’t just for a selective few but Bosu training is for everyone with every body type. Bosu has a scientific method and use of Core Stabilization and Neutral Spinal Posture, Understanding and Defining Functional Training, and the Science behind Balance Training to better people fitness, building blocks and better their health.

According to the 2008 personal training programs and equipment surveys 96% of trainers offer balance training to people with using the Bosu products. After a few years of Bosu products being on the market fitness professionals choose a balance of these products to help clients as well as people. Professional trainers state that these products help to develop efficient bodies, and exercise with less pain but have more fun.

1.) Analyze the five competitive forces for Bosu’s market. Force| Example of Strong Force| Example of Weak Force |
Bargaining power of customers | Bosu’s purchase good quality work out equipment. | Horrible customer service and retail prices. | Threat of substitutions | Cheap equipment. | Fitness students only use one type of equipment.|...
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