Strategic Plan

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Strategic Plan, Part I
Mission, vision, and value documents offer guidance theories to make organization’s strategic plan. Companies make their corporate, business, and tactical strategies as well as goals. The provided document gives a comprehensive research on the mission and vision statements of Ace Gym and how are these documents useful in developing the company unique and effective from its rivals. It will additionally spotlight key values through mission and vision declaration. These values assist in leading the strategies and therefore increase earnings, sustain edge against your competitors and satisfy stakeholders.

The business plan entails establishing a web based GYM, called Ace Gym. This IT based company provides useful service at a cost of $ 1 a month for daily fitness regime personalized to customer requirements. The offer will also incorporate interactive classes with a teacher who will make a physical fitness and health program for you on information gathered from the customers. Then teacher will monitor the diet plan and exercise plan through an automatic attendance system.

Mission Statement
* Industry: Online Service Industry with Expertise in IT as well as Health * Product: None
* Service: Physical fitness and health guidance on weight exercise diet plans, as well as health supplements. * Customers: Health conscious or fitness freaks people because of hectic schedules are not able to enroll in actual gymnasiums therefore by making use of Internet they seek and get physical fitness and health guidelines.

Mission Statement:
To develop a web based entry to help health conscious individuals in supervising and managing efficiently. The web-based gym will incorporate interactive, cost-effective, and dynamic training sessions by expert teachers.

The mission of the GYM will motivate workers in using available options in web based and ecommerce areas. A strong perception will be a source of delight for the workers for the beneficial change Ace Gym is developing the lives of its clients.

The Vision Statement of Ace Gym is as under:

To deliver its clients with health facilities that’s free of cost, fast, and personalized.

Values and Guiding Principles

The key importance of Ace Gym includes the requirement by all to keep good and fit body in existing and fastidious atmosphere in which they find time sufficient to satisfy this requirement, requirement for correct directions and specific coaching to develop and comply with a workout routine. Ace seen to fulfill the requirement of its clients by developing a virtual atmosphere depending on web, and assisting in safe mode an active outstanding specific health related help.

Ace Gym thinks that great number of clients who will have a rapid as well as efficient workout can be crafted nicely by coordination of technology with health consultancy. The administration of Ace Gym trusts in delivering their clients with an inexpensive health support at a realistic and competitive cost of $1 per day.

Organization’s Strategic Direction

Ace Gym supposes to achieve horizontal and vertical growth expansions in the approaching time. Ace Gym desires to achieve maximum profits and establish competitive edge over competitors. They are considering developing partnerships with some other top Gyms for example Gold Gym to build up coordination in practical as well as technical areas. They desire to affiliate the name of Ace Gym with speed, exactness and knowledge. Individuals can have a fairly easy access to the Gym’s on the Internet site and can have superb customized help to their health inquiries.

The Ace Gym aspires to:

* Team up with popular sites for example Yahoo and Hotmail for the advertising and interaction purpose for their unique concept. * To improve their share of the market via getting assistance from popular Internet sites and employing skills health specialists and instructors. * Using...
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