Border Crossing

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Border Crossing – Pat Barker
Chapter Questions

Chapter 2
Does Danny see Tom or himself as the devil? Explain
Danny see’s himself as the devil because he feels that he has ruined Tom’s life through their latest meeting.

How does Tom feel about Danny at this stage?
Tom feels curious and worried about Danny and wants to know how life has been for him.

Chapter 3
Do you agree with Tom’s fears that “people who remain childless never really grow up”? I do not agree with Tom’s fear “people who remain childless never really grow up”. People who do not have children are not young or immature although having a child does make you more responsible.

Explain the last line
“Somewhere in the back of his mind, as he and Roddy parted, was the picture of a rope, fraying, one strand after another coming apart” could mean that Tom is imagining his marriage and seeing it slowly being torn apart, piece by piece.

Chapter 4
Why does Danny have “more reason than most to cry”?
Danny has more reason than most to cry because his dad had walked out, and he knew that his mother was close to leaving. His friends were betraying him and he was most likely going to go to jail.

How is the intimacy that exists between Tom and Danny revealed? The intimacy between Tom and Danny was revealed by Tom, when he was interviewing Danny to find out whether he is capable mentally, to enter adulthood, the same as everybody else and whether or not he would be capable of being trialled as an adult, not as a juvenile.

Chapter 5
Can we draw any link between this rescue in the novel and Tom’s rescue of Danny? Tom’s rescue of Danny and the man’s rescue of neil were both sort of in the same scenery and maybe Tome and Jeff were saved from a lifetime of condemption.

Chapter 6
According to Tom, can people change? Give reasons?
According to Tom, people can change but he also believes that the environments people live in can share their individuality.

What does Danny want from Tom?
Danny wants Tom to help him figure out how he managed to kill someone and why is his fate like this.

Chapter 7
What is your opinion of Danny?
I think that Danny is capable of being a good kid but he never had anyone there to teach him right from wrong after his father left which lead him to do stupid things.

How dangerous is he?
Danny is not a very dangerous person although he can be extremely manipulative at points which can sometimes get him or others in trouble.

Chapter 8
How convincing is Danny in terms of his charm and ability to manipulate others? Danny is very successful in manipulating others as he managed to make a whole story to deny that he murdered Lizzie Parks and make it so convincing he even began to believe the story himself.

What manipulations has he successfully managed up to this point? Danny has successfully manipulated Long Garth by convincing everyone that his English teacher sexually abused him and he manipulated Tom, the court and even himself that he did not murder Lizzie Parks.

Chapter 9
After carefully reading this chapter, indicate Tom’s degree of responsibility for Danny’s sentencing. Tom is very involved in the reason for Danny going to jail. He interviewed Danny and gave evidence against him in court.

What justification does Danny have for blaming Tom for his sentence? Danny blames Tom for his conviction because he spoke to Tom in what he thought was a confidential meeting, but Tom revealed all of what Danny had said to the court.

Chapter 10
What is the effect of Danny slipping “into being his father” when he talks about the Argentinean solder?

Chapter 11
Why does Tom feel so uneasy when he sees Danny talking to Lauren? Tom felt uneasy when he saw Danny talking to Lauren because he knew what Danny was capable of, being his psychologist and perhaps he felt jealous after noticing that Danny is actually an exceptionally good-looking man.

Chapter 12
Find evidence to show how disillusioned Tom is becoming....
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