Gatsby Study Guide Questions Chapter 9

Topics: The Great Gatsby, Satyricon Pages: 2 (458 words) Published: October 3, 2011
Name: Nathan Stevens
Date: 9/27/11
The Great Gatsby Chapter 9 Questions

Chapter 9: The Facts
What is the motive publicly given for Wilson’s murder of Gatsby? It is said that Wilson was a mad man and went crazy.

2.What does the telephone call from Chicago tell us about Gatsby’s business? It tells us the shady business that Gatsby was involved with was selling illegally forged bonds.

What does Klipspringer want from Nick? How does Nick react to this? Klipspringer called for his tennis shoes and Nick is mad because he realizes Klipspringer couldn't care less about what happened to Gatsby.

4 Why is Gatsby’s father so proud of him?
Gatsby's father is proud of him because Gatsby focused on his goals and eventually arose from nothing to become a rich, successful person who could of helped the country.

5.What does Tom confess to Nick when they meet that fall? Does he regret what he has done? Tom confesses he's the one who told Wilson it was Gatsby's car and he does actually regret telling him.

Interpreting Meanings
Nick says that “this has been a story of the West, after all.” What do you think he means by that? I think he means that since everyone is from the West, but moved to the East, they still have their East values, morals, and emotions. They all played out in the situation that has happened.

2 How does Nick characterize Tom and Daisy at the end of the book? What has each of them “smashed” during the course of the novel?
He characterizes them by saying that they are careless people and only ended up retreating back to their money and to the safety of their relationship. By smashed, he is saying they destroyed countless lives just by trying to have “fun”. Tom is responsible for leading Myrtle down that road and that ended up killing her and is responsible as well for the death of Gatsby and Wilson. Daisy as well because she drove Gatsby's car and hit Myrtle herself which ended up killing Gatsby...
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