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Study Kit
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Boost mission statement:
“To become one of the world’s most famous & loved brands!” Inside
03The Word according to J
About Boost Wellness Category A Boost is Born
04Our Products
Our Menu Complementary Products Supermarket Range
06Meet the THINK Tank 08About Janine 09The Boost Story 12Love Life the environment
13Marketing & Promotions
Branding Major Campaigns Big Banana Peel What’s ya Name Game VIBE Club Customer Relations Boost your Life Barry Boost Jeans for Genes Pink Ribbon Day VIBE Newsletter School Fundraising 16Celebrities at Boost 17Celebrity endorsements 18Design & Development 20Boost international 22Awards 23Quotes 24Juicy Bits Thanks for your interest in Boost Juice Bars! This kit contains a bit about how we started, our stores, our marketing & more! There is heaps more information available on our website - We hope this kit helps you to get to know us a little better! resh as.

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The wordJ according to
Boost Juice Pty Ltd incorporated in March 2000.
FounderCompany Secretary
Janine AllisAmy Roy
Jeff Allis
Stores opened as at December 2009: 180 Countries Boost is located in: Australia Chile Hong Kong Mexico Singapore UAE
UK Kuwait Estonia
China Macau Thailand
South Africa Indonesia Lithuania Malaysia Germany
Coming soon...
New stores in Hong Kong and Indonesia!
Janine Allis
The wellness category
Boost Juice is an amazing retail phenomenon with a growth platform of an average of 28 stores a year for seven years. With a group turnover exceeding $AUD85,000,000 per annum, Boost Juice is the largest juice and smoothie bar in the Southern Hemisphere and is in more countries than any other juice bar in the world. With over 200 stores that have been opened in seven short years, Boost Juice is one of Australia’s most successful retail networks, with a first-class quality Board and Executive Team - with over 130 years of combined retail experience. The US industry alone generates an estimated $US2 billion dollars per annum and has grown by more than 30% each year for the past four years. The Wellness Category is one of the fastest growing retail categories in the world. Obesity and health issues are becoming issues for all countries, and companies in the Wellness Category are seeing massive growth. Boost is no exception. Smoothies and juices are the fast food of the new millennium. Consumers who once purchased a quick hamburger for lunch or a candy bar for a mid-morning snack are now opting Boost would not be Boost however, without her phenomenal team that has achieved amazing things to help the brand grow to where it is today! Boost now has over 200 stores operating in Australia and throughout the Middle East, Asia, Europe and South America! for healthier, fresh alternatives such as blended fruit drinks - also called “Smoothies”. This category has now been operating for over 16 years and continues to grow from strength to strength. One cannot ignore the profitability of the smoothie market. “The retail segment of the Juice and Smoothie business remains strong and we are confident that this segment will show positive gains this year,” Dan Titus, Director of the Juice and Smoothie Association stated. “The Juice and Smoothie business is such a lucrative venture. Smoothie-type products are sold all over the world on cruise ships and golf courses; in bars, movie theatres and hospitals. Companies are seeing this market as a growth opportunity. Consumers are looking for an alternative to soda; the healthy attitudes that consumers are expressing reflects in the smoothie trend.” A

Janine Allis saw a hole in the Australian market for a healthy fast food alternative. As a consumer she had always struggled to find anything healthy to eat and drink when she was short of time, particularly to find something healthy for her sons. She...
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