Book Report-Fiction

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Debby Shum 9B (12)

Book report-Fiction

Pre-reading task:
Title: Flour Babies
Author: Anne Fine
Publisher: The Penguin Group
Year of Publication: 1992

Post-reading Task:
My comments:
My favorite character is Simon Martin because he was willing to solve problems and found the final answer. He was mature and self-disciplined, always helping others, considerate and thoughtful to others. We should learn from him.

The most interesting and memorable scene in the book is Simon hurdled all the babies at the end because he loves babies, he missed his dad and can’t image why people treat babies so bad, so he promised he will never do that such as his classmates hit babies to bits, but at last he just like crazy and all the flour poured out. The ending is not satisfactory because it not really said out the answer why Simon father whistling while he went out. It just only said about the Science Fair and Simon hurdled the babies and ended with wrong. So isn’t really satisfactory at the end.

What I want to share about this story is we need to treasure all the people, things, chances, time and even memories around us in our daily life because we will never know when they go away in the future and we also need to keep up anything, ask and solve for the final answer. At last, we need to be optimistic to the entire thing such as Simon and his father, although he missed his dad, but we also need to be positive to this and face our good future.
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