Lord of the Flies

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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“What is the aftermath of Simon’s death?”

Simon’s death is a tragic event in this novel . Piggy, Ralph, Sam and Eric all have in mutual reactions towards Simon’s death. They each handle the guilt towards Simon’s death in different ways. Also, they decide not to say his name aloud to one and other. Even though they all know that they and the rest of the boys murdered Simon they decide to say that they all left the “party” early. In addition Jack has his own thoughts on what has happened the previous night. All four of the boys decide to handle the guilt differently. Ralph begins to cry about what has happened and yells, ““That was murder.” Then piggy yells 
“You stop it!” said Piggy, shrilly. “What good’re you doing talking like that?” Piggy decides to handle the guilt by persuading himself to think that the details of the prior night have changed. He makes himself believe that he could not see because his spectacles were broken and that he was outside the circle the entire time. Sam and Eric decide to pretend as if nothing had happened and say that they had left early the previous night. The quote “ Memory of the dance that none of them had attended shook all four boys convulsively”, is a very important detail to the death of Simon. This quote means that Piggy, Ralph, Sam and Eric knew about the dance that they were pretending to know nothing about. In addition it was haunting them as they taught about it. When Golding writes this quotes he wants the readers to imagine the boys standing next to one and other with paleness on their faces and horror in their eyes.

On the other end of the island where Jack, Roger and the rest of the tribe is, Stanley asks a question to Jack, after Jack has said that they shall go hunt and give the beast meat. Stanley says “But didn’t we, didn’t we—?” and Jack yells, “no how could we kill the beast!” Even though Stanley thinks that he is referring to a beast Jack knows that it was actually Simon that was killed. Then Stanley...
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