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Ref. No.: 4D: HO:JS:DCS/057 Rev 0 To, Somaiya Organics Kind Attn Sub : :

Date: 26/11/2012

Mr. Umesh Bennali Budgetary Offer for Process Control System for 40 KLPD ENA Plant Automation. Your email enquiry dated Nov 22, 2012.



Dear Sir,

With ref. to the above mentioned subject and email, please find enclosed our budgetary offer for the Process Control System. We are offering you the FORBES MARSHALL Microcon+ DCS system, which we feel is best suited for your requirement. The salient features of our system are enclosed herewith for your ready reference. The complete detail scope of Supply for the complete System is also separately mentioned. We hope that our Proposal is in line with your requirements and in case if you need any further assistance please do not hesitate to contact us. Thanking you, For Forbes Marshall P Limited.

Ashwini Khurjekar (Forbes Marshall Group) A 34/35, MIDC, H-Block, Pimpri, Pune-411018. Tel. No. (91)20-27442020 Fax No. (91)20-27442040 Email:

MICROCON+ DCS System Description

System Overview After more than 20 years’ development, DCS has been changed considerably. This change is mainly coming from the following two respects: the continuous increase of users’ demand and the rapid development of electronic and information technology. The users have never been satisfied by the demand just replacing the conventional instrument control and simple data detection with the DCS; at the same time, with the improvement of electronics and information technology, the performance of the components constituting the DCS system is improved greatly and the development of various kinds of HMI software has further simplified the DCS development. At present, a set of DCS system, which can make users satisfied, should be provided with the following features: The system should be modular and expandable in architecture. The system should handle both continuous and batch applications on the same hardware. The system should have an open network structure with multi-layer open data interface. The system should have powerful processing capability, convenient software configuration function and be capable of doing special and advanced control arithmetic developed by users. The system should be capable of supporting the various field bus standards, so as to satisfy the future demands on expansion. The system should be of high reliability, convenient maintenance and advanced technology. The system should provide various redundancies as per user demand. The system should adopt multi-media technology and can be easily linked to INTERNET. The system should easily communicate to plant wide ERP systems. The MICROCON+ DCS system is designed keeping in mind the above requirements of today’s control system user. These features make the system ideal for applications such as chemical, pharmaceuticals, food & beverage, thermal power, petro-chemical, metallurgical, cement, glass, paper & pulp, water supply & treatment, etc.

Features of MICROCON+ DCS System Modular and Expandable Architecture The MICROCON+ DCS system is designed to handle very small to very large application requirements. The system can be expanded from a very small system of say 10 loops to a very large system of a few thousand I/Os. The complete architecture of MICROCON+ DCS is based on various types of Modules such as Communication Modules, Controller Modules and I/O Modules. Open system structure In order to ensure the openness of the system, the standard open network communications are adopted in MICROCON+ DCS system. The enterprise administration layer is provided with redundant 100Mbps Ethernet (TCP/IP Protocol), which can be connected with superior systems via special network or AirLAN wireless microwave. The system management layer is provided with the redundant 100Mbps Ethernet, which can be linked to the control layer through servers, to management information system through gateway, to the enterprise...
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