Body Piercing

Topics: Body piercing, Nipple piercing, Nose piercing Pages: 2 (347 words) Published: March 2, 2013
Body piercing

Body piercing had recently become very popular among young people in many countries. Not only ears are pierced now , but also noses, tongues, navels and various other body parts. This has attracted criticism from some people, who argue that piercing is dangerous. Meanwhile, others insist that if you take proper care, it is perfectly safe.

In the article by Lori Wilkerson she demonstrates that piercing is an archaic form of expression that have been practiced for many centuries. They used piercing to show off their wealth, beauty and social status. Piercing nipples was seen as a badge of honor that showed the centurion’s dedication by Romans.(Lori Wilkerson). For a gladiator, genital piercing is used to prevented serious injury and prevented them from having sex without the owner’s permission. Piercing has been purely used for the pleasurable sexual effect for Victorian men. However, today body piercing is a trend that people influenced by the rock stars and MTV (a Reno tattoo artist). Other reasons of piercing change from personal expression to personal empowerment or to just be spontaneous and rebellious.

Nevertheless, many people and profession stand out to against this phenomenon. According to Qunit Miller, one of five piercings now leads to infection. There are more disadvantages about piercing given by him. Oral piercings can cause swollen tongues, too much bleeding, infection and swallowing of small jewellery parts. Serious infection could cause cartilage to die, leaving permanent disfigurement. Further more, oozing pus is commonly happened when the holes get infected. Moreover, unhygienic equipment and working environment increase the risk of contracting hepatitis C. In addition, skin dimpling or keloids is another hazards when you removed away the jewellery from piercing site.

On balance, I feel that body piercing is an artistic age-old tradition. People now are more and more fashion-conscious; we cannot stop them...
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